Please Critique My Weight-Loss Program. --Detailed Information --

  1. Lightbulb Please Critique My Weight-Loss Program. --Detailed Information --


    I have been doing a great deal of research the last few weeks and have settled in on a plan for getting back into shape. I tried not to bother anyone while I figured as much out as possible for myself so I could completely understand the process of transforming my body and be able to adapt my program to my specific needs. I would really appreciate any comments on anything that I may be overlooking or even things I am doing that may be counter-productive. I will try and give all the information I believe may be helpful. Thanks in advance.

    Basic Information:

    28 yo


    202 Pounds

    BF% upper 20's

    Endomorph body type.

    2 pack a day smoker until 2 months ago.

    Have not lifted in over 5 years, but used to lift regularly for a 2 year span and I have a relatively good idea how to use proper form and to compile a complete weight lifting routine.

    I want to lose weight but not at a great cost to muscle mass. Would like to have a "lean" body (175-180#) within 3-4 months. Again, not at great cost to muscle mass though.

    Trouble with endurance/winded easily.

    Work 70 Hrs+ a wk, 10 hrs a day, 7 days a week from 9AM til 7:30 PM. Workout once I get home at night. 5-7 hrs of sleep a night if lucky (no way to budget more).

    I work in Texas and I am outside at least 4 or 5 hours a day in 90-100^ weather (at least for the next few months). I sweat a lot, lose a lot of Cal's.

    Heres what I have been doing for the past 3 weeks. I have gone from 216 pounds to 202 and have seen a very slight increases in strength. Muscle tone has improved slightly. Possibly too much of a caloric deficit?

    Diet: (Started 4 weeks ago)

    1500-1800 total calories per day. Varying slightly depending on my strength level that day. 1800 calories on workout days. 1500 on off days. This includes my pre and post workout drinks.

    6-7 small meals per day.

    >30 G sugar per day, from fruit only. Intend to add 30-35G of Dextros Post workout soon.

    150-200 G protein per day. As much as possible from Tuna, Lean Ckn Breast, Turkey Breast, Natural PB (in great moderation), but I usually have to rely on 75-125G from shakes w/water.

    Complex Carbs only, cannot stomach most Vegs. I get my carbs from whole brown rice and 100% whole wheat bread for the most part. Getting quality carbs while not being able to stomach veggies is probably hardest part of diet for me.

    Keeping Sat fats to bare minimum. Will not allow myself to eat anything with Trans fat except possibly cheat meal.

    I still drink 3-5 diet drinks a day (Diet DP, Diet Coke, Diet Green Tea)(aspartin).

    1 Gal water per day. Trying to make myself drink more though.

    Snack on Dil Pickles, Roasted Almonds (in moderation), Fruit, Ckn Breast, Nathans 97%fat free hotdogs.

    1 Cheat meal per week. High carbs, High protein moderate fat. Clean rest of the day.

    Work on Job site with no access to microwave, or oven, or fridge/freezer. Carry 2 large coolers with me. Free ice at work, so I am able to keep refrigerated items cold all day.


    Optimum Mult-Vitamin.
    Ginko Bolba.
    Time release B-12 500mcg.
    Melatonin 3mg at night.

    Twice Daily-
    EFA SoftGels 3-6-9
    B-12 Sublingual tabs.

    Casein Protein Shake morning then night before bed on off days.

    Pre workout drink - Jack3d
    Pre/During/Post Scivation Xtend for Bcaa's/Glutamine.
    Post Workout - 50G Whey protein shake immediately after workout. Creatine. Will be mixing in 30-35G dextrose. 1 Scoop Xtend.

    Have some oxy elite pro on-hand I just got for the rare day off. Had 2 days off for Memorial day and it was much much harder to stay on diet than when working in the sun all week. Will only be using on days off of work and will make sure to space apart from Jack3d.

    I have been doing the following for 3 weeks.
    Workout- 3 Day Split

    Workout consist of 3 exercises each muscle, 2 sets each, workout to failure first set. Step it back for second set til pumped. lot's of combination workouts (Dead-lifts/Squats/ Etc.)

    Workout 45 Mins - 1 Hr. Less than 1.30 Min between sets.

    (note after my month is up I intend to change to a 4-day split of Monday = Legs & Abs, Tuesday = Chest & Back, Thursday = Shoulders & Traps, Friday = Arms & Abs. I hour each night.

    Cardio 1-2 nights a wk. i usually use p90X kenpo-X, cardio-x or calisthenics-X. One hour or longer, pretty high intensity.

    I apologize for being so long (not the first time I've had to say that ).

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    I think I have a good grasp on what I need to do. But I'm sure there are people here who have been where I am and have some great advice for reaching my goals that I haven't been able to glean for myself yet.

    Obviously this is my first post, but I hope to hang around and learn and contribute here in the future.


  2. Hey man... welcome.

    First glance here - I'd definitely stay away from the Dextrose since your main objective is to slim down. That's basically just tossing 140 calories back into your body that you just worked hard to burn.

    Sounds like you've made a great deal of progress already. 1500 to 1800 calories is awful low... are you feeling tired or lethargic?

    May be helpful to write down EXACTLY what you're eating for those of us who are interested. Could perhaps make some better choices, and I'd be willing to bet you may be eating a bit more than you thought. Having a hard labor job and working out, I'd think you'd be losing with 2000 to 2200 calories a day.

  3. Thanks for the response.

    I am losing weight consistently. That's not the problem. I'm very lethargic, but I'm still managing to push through the day and my workouts in "ok" shape. I just get winded fast and it's hard to finish sets off well. Last night I had the strength to go for almost 2 hours on legs. But i felt deflated and weak for a lot of it. I write down every single calorie that goes into my body. So I'm certain of my calorie intake. My main concern was that I may be cutting calories too much to where I burn a lot of muscle in the process of reaching my goal weight. I may not be getting enough carbs also.. But even though my diet shouldn't be low enough in carbs to be a keto type diet, I don't think it should make me this lethargic? If that is the case I can add 2 or 3 hundred more calories and see how that goes. But if all things are equal I would prefer to lose the weight as fast as I am now with the current calorie intake where it is. just not sure if the weakness is normal, or acceptable. If that makes sense.

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