Increasing food intake while "on"

  1. Increasing food intake while "on"

    I read somewhere the other day that one should increase protein intake to at least 2 grams / pound of body weight while "on". Should the same rule be applied to carbs and fats? Right now I only eat carbs before/after a workout, so if I were to start a bulking cycle with M1T would I be best to only raise my protein intake? Or raise fats and carbs as well? If I were to raise carbs, should I continue to only eat them around my workouts, or should I start eating them at other times of the day as well? Thanks.

  2. You should definitely raise your calories, but content is up to you. I adjust my carb intake depending on my goals for the cycle. I shoot for 2x bodyweight in grams of protein while on, but I think you'll be OK with at least 1.5x.

  3. Definitely up the carbs if you are bulking. I would keep fat the same. I usually keep fat the same year round and ajdust protein/carb intake depending on goals. The extra carbs will increase your glycogen storage and fuel your workouts. Not to mention allow for better pumps.

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