Where do you get your egg whites?

  1. Where do you get your egg whites?

    Right now I buy "All Whites" at the store, but they only contain 10 egg whites per carton so it gets a little expensive. I remember I saw an add before in a magazine for egg whites for sale in a giant tub with one of those hand pump dispensers...of course I wasn't bright enough to remember to write any of the information down before tossing the magazine...anyone know what I'm talking about? Or know of another (cheaper) alternative to buying them from the grocery store? Thanks.

  2. i just get eggs and seperate over the pan - i use 2 yolks most of the time - so if i screw up - i just count it as one of my 2 yolks......

  3. Sams, and Costco about 1.50 for 18 eggs, and i seperate them myself. Much cheaper that way. But i would be interested in the dispenser thing.

  4. yeah - i go to costco - same deal....

  5. There's a restaraunt supply type store, open to consumers as well by my home. The name is Gordon's Food service. They sell liquid egg whites in a huge jug. Like 3 or 4 bucks for at least 50-100 whites. Good deal. They also sell liquid whole eggs for a similar price, but Ive never bought those. Surprisingly my school out in Boston uses the same type of product for their eggs/omelets.
    My advice, see where the restaraunts get theirs.

  6. I try to stock up when they are on sale at my grocery store, or I visit my Costco. I only buy the whole eggs, usually at $1.50 per 18. I don't have a source like Scotty, lucky bastard.

  7. does anyone here eat raw whites?
    everyone tells me i am stupid for doing it, i seperate them over a bowl, 5-8 at a time,
    one yolk, and i make a huge glass of chocolate milk,then mix it all up, gulp it down.

    I've done it for years never got sick, I wash th eggs b4 i crack.
    has anyone ever heard of anyone getting salmonella?

    i will never change.

  8. If "you will never change" why do you care? Of course I have heard of friends getting salmonella. Its not fun and tears through you. Sure the odds are not as high today as they have been...but why bother? Eggs taste so much better cooked, and are more Bio-available that I don't see the point.

  9. Further reading on raw vs. cooked eggs and egg whites for those interested:


  10. i would like to know where you get that from scotty O , about the bioavailability of cooked whites?

    not being an ass just curious?

    thanks for the info sib.

  11. never ordered from this place but :


    10lb Box of Dried Egg Whites Price is $79.95
    + $10.00 Shipping and Handling.

    Each 10 lb box contains the dried whites of over 1,100 eggs.

  12. lanaseggwhites.com

    much more expensive than sams club 1.50 for 18 though!

  13. damn, sportprotein is a good ass price, I would come out even if i switched from eggs to powder...would save me a lot of time too.
    is powder as good as whole food? is egg white powder essentially the white with the water removed?

  14. Yeah. "One tablesoon of SportProtein Dried Egg Whites contains 11.5 grams of protein."


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