Yohimbine, alcar, green tea, guggelsterones, chromium, any of them useful on a cut?

  1. Yohimbine, alcar, green tea, guggelsterones, chromium, any of them useful on a cut?

    As above if so what dose, using eph atm.

  2. None of those are going to give any noticeable effect when you are on eph.

    Out of the above supplements you listed the only one I like is ALCAR....but of course...I am the biggest fan of Alpha-T2.
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    i'm using yohimbine hcl right now... can't speak to much for its effects to be totally honest, as i haven't been scientific about its use and results. it was cheap and i threw it in my cutting cycle (started with ecy now on albuterol) just because i heard it worked ok.

    i don't take green tea extract as a supplement, but have switched my daily coffee intake with brewed green tea. that for sure has helped with the water retention i got with coffee.

  4. Right thanks. Yohimbine is to dispose of fat in troubled areas whether it does or not im not sure but i know someone who rates it. Green tea will help abit im sure + its cheap too. Ive heard alcar is a good alternative to eph but im on eph so dont think theres any need for alcar.

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