Losing Too Fast?

  1. Losing Too Fast?

    I recently finished up my PCT from a 6 week H-drol cycle and started cutting. On cycle I was taking in around 4,200-4,300 cals a day, and ended PCT with a weight of 182-184. I've started an EC stack and cut my calories to about 3,500, and have already gone down to 178-179 in about a week. Is this too much weight loss? I'm not sure if the initial losses were mostly from water retention and reduced glycogen stores, or if I'm losing mass. Strength seems about the same or increased from before cutting cals. I changed my routine from a 5 day split to 3 day split with 20 minutes of cardio after each weight session and two cardio days a week.

  2. way too much weight loss unless you dropped carbs.

    for the least amount of muscle loss try not to go over 2lbs a week. however i would try and say no more then 1 pound a week, and 1% every 10 days is feasable.

  3. Its not the greatest idea to drop calories too low right after PCT. Unless you are doing a cutting cycle, you need to keep calories up to help solidify gains. Remember, easy come easy go.

  4. I think that the weight loss in the second week of a diet is a better indicator of your energy balance and rate of loss. As you said there is the potential for glycogen and water loss (especially on low/no carb) as well as the fact that you are eating LESS FOOD.

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