I'm currently cutting and I've gotten down to about 12-13%bodyfat, and I've been there for a while now. I've been doing the CKD keto diet for 3 months now, and i've kept all of my strength and I haven't lost any muscle either. I want to get down to around 10% bodyfat, that's why I started taking the T3. I've been on that for two weeks now, and i'm at 50mcgs per day. Two days ago I started a weekend long carbup, and I at that time started taking D-zine, a clone of Dymethazine, which is a non methylated version of Superdrol. I started that up to combat any muscle loss from the T3. My questions are: 1. should I keep doing the CKD keto diet while i'm on this cycle? 2. How many mcgs per day of T3 should I be running while doing the D-zine?