Starting a log of mito stacked with vpx clen....not to be confused with the real clenbutrol.

Background- I have been on mitotropin for 3 1/2 weeks now... diet consists of average of 125 g's of carbs a day 220-250 g's of protien and 50-70g's of healthy fats.

6 days in the gym one day off. HIIT cardio 5 out of 7 days in gym AFTER intesne weight lifting.

Weight loss so far-8-10lbs. Body weight as most of knows fluctuates.
Water consumed on a daily basis-1gal plus.

Meals spaced 2-3 hours apart.
Every 5 days I "refeed" to replenish my glycogyn stores and to treat my self. On those days carbs-300-400g's Protien- 220-270, fat-70-100, this also jumpstarts my metabolism.

As most of us know(I hope) thie biggest part of any weightlifters regime is NOT supplements- it is the right diet with proper excersise. Supplements are just that-supplements. I got done running an epistane cycle about 2 months ago, and I am taking ZMA every night just to help test levels and in another month I am going to be running a SD cycle bridged into epi and 11 oxo. But for now- shedding that extra lard for the summer!

Today was day one stacking mito with clen- Mito I had never used before and thought I would try it out- Clen I used last cut with amazing results. The mito sucked for me- no energy boost no increased body temp whatsoever- I think I lost the weight more due to proper diet and excersise. SO I thought I would stack clen with mito whilst finishing out my mito bottle.

Day 1- dose 1- Reccomended dosing of both products together-TIME- 9AM Sleep prevoius night- 7-8 hours.
My energy levels sored- more so than just taking clen by itself- perhaps the extra kick of clen helps with mito? Dunno..... increased body heat for sure which indicates increase in thermogenisis. Already had my first meal and am preparing my second of 2 egg yolks 4 egg whites, no carbs and some greens. I am going to take my second dose in about 3 hours. Will update then. Hopefully I can shed this extra fat I got from eating 4.5k cals everyday while on epi.......Lets see....any feedback or input is welcome......