Clen Question

  1. Clen Question

    Help me out with a little confusion please...

    I am just researching Clen, nothing I plan on doing in the near future...but I've looked around here and haven't found the answers I'm looking for.

    I looked and "researched" and found a bottle of Clen...It's 200 mcg per ml with 60ml per vial.

    My question: How do you know if something is for sub q or for oral? this the type of product that usually needs to be reconstituted with BA or does it come already in liquid?


  2. Its oral and doesnt require you to add anything to it.

  3. how bad is the taste?

  4. It all depends on who made it. Some arent too bad tasting and some taste horrible. Just depends on what the source used as the liquid for it.

  5. am I right in believing it can still be added to a TD like evis or no? I too have a bottle of the same stuff and havent quite pulled the trigger on it

  6. Most likely it will taste bad! Just shake the bottle and that's about it. No need to mix with anything.

  7. just shake and chase w/ diet coke!

  8. Everything in flavor is bearable, tasted pure alcohol with no flavoring before.

    As stated it depends on the maker, however, I will say the one who uses class bottles tasted the best.

    If worse comes to worse, just chase it with some juice.

  9. i got some clen in a vial and it flat out says for IM or sub q injections. its cool stuff, i like it
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  10. Just got mine in. Having problems locating an oral syringe with small enough increments. Can anyone point me in a direction?


  11. I got one at walgreens


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