Starting to make another push.

  1. Starting to make another push.

    I used to be a personal trainer but after moving to a little town in Japan called Chikuzen in Fukuoka. The inability to speak the language dictated a change in my profession and I then became an English teacher. In about 4 years, without a gym, too much work, and just general inactivity. I had gained about 65 lbs. Last year at the end of the holiday season and crazy vacation gorging, I had reached my peak of 236 lbs on my tiny 57 frame. I decided in mid January 2010 I had decided that it was enough and that I would try my best to lose the weight. I decided to drive to the gym and pay about $120 dollars a month in gym fees, $200 in transportation, and countless dollars to eat healthier. It has been a long 4 months. I decided that using a CKD was the easiest for me to do. I did the CKD for about 12 weeks and I wanted to transition to a more normal way of eating and living. I wanted to be able to eat what my gf made and not be a social leper. Also being a Island boy from Hawaii. I damn love my carbs. I will be turning 35 this year and I want to be in the best shape of my life and one day have abs. I weighed in on mid January at 236 at 36% I am happy to say that I am now at 183lbs at 19%.
    Thank you for all your wonderful post and support.

    What do you think is the best plan of attack for a short 8 week cut. I want to get to at least 15%

    Here are some pics... not really the best. I will one day get to where I am for now.. I'm just happy to be at 19% and able to shop at uniqlo and clothing stores in Japan.. No more big and tall.

    Mid January


    I'm at 19% and want to get back on a diet to get to a ok body.

  2. Awesome transformation!

  3. Awesome work so far bro

  4. Socal and Sanchez thanks it means a lot to me. I am maintaining the weight thanks to USP Anabolic pump, OEP, and Jack3d. In about 2 weeks I am gonna do my first log and I hope it helps me keep great progress. I am gonna log LGs Trifecta Stack. Wish me luck and I hope you guys subscribe. I hope to use it to help me get to 15-16 percent bodyfat while setting PR's in my lifts.

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