ud2.0 LOG

  1. ud2.0 LOG

    OK so I started the UD 2.0 on Monday and wanted to log it.
    I finished upa recent cycle of E-Stane and didnt really eat that great on it. As of Monday morning I was at 242 and 13.8 % BF. My supplements while running this log are as follows:
    Multivitamin Upon Waking
    Animal Flex upon waking
    Reduce XT for Cortisol reduction - 2 pils 3 times a day
    Alpha T2- 2 in morning 1 in afternoon
    CLA - 1 pill 3 times a day
    TestPro- 2 pills 2 times a day

    Low Cal days
    306g of Protein
    90 g of Carbs
    24 g of fat

    ProComplex Shake 60g P/ 3g C/ 1g F
    Fish Oil 2g
    Midmorning Snack:
    2oz Turkey 26 g P/ .5g F
    Almonds: 8g P/ 8g C/ 16g

    8oz Turkey 104g P/ 4g F
    Mid Afternoon Snack:
    Low Fat TrailMix: 8g P/ 26g C/ 12g F

    Preworkout: 3 scoops Jacked
    Postworkout Shake: 53g P/ 15g C/ 3g F

    4 oz Chicken Breast: 40g P/ 0g C/ 1g F
    Green Beans: 1g P/ 8g C/ 0g F

    Late Night Snack:
    Casein: 24g P/ 3g C/ 1g F

    Totals: 324g P/ 66g C/ 40 g F
    Went over on Fat by alot- OOPS

  2. Monday Workout:
    4 sets of 15 on All Exercises

    DB Incline: 75lb DB
    Flat Bench Hammer: 90lb each side
    Flys: 30 lbs each side
    BN Lat Pull: 140 lbs
    Seated Rows: 9 plates
    Straight Arm Pulldowns: 110 lbs
    Seated Rear Delt: 15 lb DB
    Lat Raises ( Machine): 50lbs
    Should Press: 100 lbs

    Went real light on shoulders- Left one is really bugging me
    Went ok- will go up next week as nothing was too hard

    Also went 12 minutes on bike for 165 calories burned

  3. Tuesday:
    Total Calories: 261g P/ 82g C/ 26g F

    Workout was Legs/ Arms/ Traps
    4 sets of 15
    Leg Press: 320 lbs
    Leg Extensions: 125lbs
    Leg Curls: 4 1/2 plates
    Preacher Curls: 65 lbs
    Concentration Curls: 25 lbs
    Overhead DB Extensions: 85 lbs
    Rope Extensions: 90 lbs
    DB Shrugs: 100 lb each
    Reverse Shrugs on Smith Machine: 185 lbs

    Did 15 min stairmaster 201 calories burned

  4. cool log. UD2.0 kicked my ass and i quit after 3 weeks. at your size and 80g carbs you should easily be ketotic. workouts look solid, dont worry when your strength plummets and all you want to do is puke. that's depletion for you. good luck!
  5. vadox6466
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    you're massive bro! 6'0" 242lb at 13%BF? that's ridiculous. And at least you're not running this diet with DNP on the side.

    Any pics for before/after?

  6. Subbed. I'm going to do UD2.0 in a couple of weeks.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by vadox6466 View Post
    you're massive bro! 6'0" 242lb at 13%BF? that's ridiculous. And at least you're not running this diet with DNP on the side.

    Any pics for before/after?
    its funny cuz I dont feel that big. The guy I train with is about an inch taller and has me by 10lbs but he is between 8-9% BF. He used to compete when he was younger. Oh he's 52 also, which makes me sick sometimes

  8. Subbed -- good log so far!
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    - Ultra-Premium Blend
    ALPHAMINE - Thermogenics...Redefined

  9. How come only 4 sets when 6-8 of 15-20 is suggested? You look like you're doing a lot of minor muscle stuff and not hitting the major movers as much as possible. You're trying to deplete glycogen which means big movements with many muscles, not all this direct arm and shoulder work.

    What you've done so far is not nearly enough to deplete the glycogen in your body. You're making it too complicated. The purpose is to cut, not define your body. Stick to that one goal and wait until Saturday to hit it hard and do what you want.

  10. I see what you're saying, his example shows 3 sets of 15 on some bodyparts, but when I looked at it more it also says to repeat 2 times. Next week I will go to 6 sets. I dont really feel like I'm concentrating on minor muscles though, as my routine is pretty close to his as far as exercises. Although I could probably eliminate my rear delt work, but I feel I'm lagging in that area due to my recent shoulder injury. I will definately work on it though and change my routine if needed.

  11. As far as Wed. went, I finished the day with 22g F/ 278 g P/ and 126g C. I really went too high on carbs but did some cardio both upon waking up and later after work. Today is my heavier day, hopefully all goes well. Gonna shoot for 2-3 sets of 8 on exercises with a total of 4-6 sets on major muscle groups.

  12. The power workout went ok last night. After warmup on the bike for 5 minutes and some stretching for my knee I did legs first then upper body.
    Leg Press: 2 sets 8 with 630
    Romanian Deads: 2 sets 8 with 225
    Extensions: 2 sets 8 190
    Curls: 2 sets 8 with 7 plates- not sure of weight
    Incline: 2 sets 8 210
    Reverse Grip BB Row: 2 sets 8 275
    Bench: 2 sets 8 250/ 245
    Lat Pull: 2 sets 8 180

  13. Now that looks like a UD 2.0 workout. How are you feeling so far? Do you start your carbup now?

  14. The workout kicked my ass. I finished the carb up last night. I quit at about 1200g C cuz I started feeling to full. I've got so much energy today its unreal. I'm lloking forward to finishing work and hitting the gym for the heavy workout today. I'm gonna do some heavy deads or rack pulls, not sure whicch one yet.

  15. OK went back for the heavy workout. Went after work so I had a lot of energy from eating during the day.

    Deadlift: 3 sets of 5 with 385
    Bench: 3 sets of 6 245- ( shoulder started popping after first set)
    BB Row: 3 sets of 6 275
    Incline: 3 sets of 6 with 225
    Lat Pulls: 3 sets of 6 with 230
    Leg Press: 3 sets of 6 with 16 plates
    Upright Row: 3 sets 6 with 155
    Seated Preacher Curls: 3 sets 6 with 135
    Pressdowns: 3 sets 8 with 250- machine is topped out so I increased reps

    Felt great after workout
    Sunday I did 2 30 min sessions of Cardio later in afternoon and then at night

    Back to low carbs today

  16. I was at 237 this morning. Didn't check BF % but will in the next few days. So far I 'm enjoying this setup

  17. awesome log bro. i started ud 2.0 the same day you did. i try to keep my direct carb intake to about 30g of oatmeal pre-workout. its a killer. stick with it and get shredded!!

  18. Alright so yesterday I returned to the low carb part of the diet. Finished the day with 307 g P/ 64 g C. The bad part was I ended up with 36 g of F. Not that bad but I was trying to only have 24. I increased the workout to 6 sets of 15 which really sucked but I survived.
    Incline: 6 sets 15 - 165
    Bench: 6 sets 15 - 165
    Flys: 6 sets 15 - 40 lb DB
    BN Lat Pull: 6 sets 15- 7 plates
    High Machine Rows: 6 sets 15 160
    Straight Arm Pulldowns: 6 sets 15 - 90
    Military Press: 6 sets 15 - 110
    Upright Rows: 6 sets of 15 - 90lbs
    DB Shrugs: 6 sets of 15 - 85lb DBs

    Didn't have time for cardio so did some this morning and will do some after the workout tongiht

  19. I was wondering what you guys thought of the insulin sensitizers? Like ALA, Na-rala, and all those other nutrient partitioners that shuttle carbs? Do you think you should take them on the low carb days even though it makes us more insulin sensitive? Like take them with the one meal (if it's how you set up your meals) with the 30-60g carbs?
    Also, would HIIT be viable here instead of say the leg workout? He says 45s under tension to deplete muscle glucose and short rests. Would the HIIT workout deplete muscle glucose?
    Just curious, about to start my UD2 Cut with some awesome goodies.

  20. Ok so on leg day I decided to up the sets as per WearRedBleedBlue and then also added
    Hack Squats to the mix.
    Hack Squats: 6 sets 0f 15- 225
    Leg Press: 6 sets of 15- 320
    Leg Extensions: 6 sets 15- 8 plates
    Leg Curls: 6 sets 15- 7 plates

    I also changed to only on exercise on bis and tris
    Preacher Curls: 6 sets of 15: 85
    Pressdowns- close grip: 6 sets of 15: 110
    Added Wrist curls: 6 sets of 15 : 70 lb DBs

    Did 20 minutes on stairmaster

    I'll check weight tomorrow and see how its progressing.
    Good news is GF said last night when I got home from the gym " Wow you look big today"

  21. So its day 14 and my strength has gone up on most of my lifts. Saturdays power workout I did squats instead of deadlifts and also did some shoulder presses. I'm gonna check my weight tonight at the gym. Also gonna switch it around and do legs first this week and upper body second. See if it makes any difference.

  22. Ok so a couple thoughts. Yesterday I weighed in at 242 which means I've actually gone up in weight. I think its as a result of me starting to do legs again. My waist size has actually gone down. I'm gonna go get my BF checked in the next day or so.
    My other thought is, can I add the ECA stack to this diet?

  23. Yea on the low calorie days he said it's okay to use eca and clen. I think it'd be a goo idea to add it because the body is primed to burn. But on the carb refeeds and the maintainence day it's be a good idea to stop taking it and go for pure hormonal upregulating.
    Good luck! Let us know if it helps!
    Oh and weight. Yea I went up in weight too. Gonna post my log after one week.


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