Punisher decides to punish Fat!

  1. Punisher decides to punish Fat!

    Hello people of Anabolic Minds! This is my first ever log so Iím quite excited! Iíve been an avid fan of anabolic minds and itís forums for about a year now and I am happy to contribute. When I was a freshman in high school I was 40lbs over-weight until my ma suggested weight watchers and my grandmother paid for my first gym membership. Since then I dropped the weight and have been addicted to training and nutrition. Iíve currently been working at a family owned GNC (refused to work corporate) for close to 3 years. My training progress has been great considering where I started, even through Iíve had many injuries including a torn forearm muscle, inner deltoid tear, back issues, broken wrist (MMA related), internal bleeding and blood clots (both my own health issues). I had a blood clot in my left popiteal vein about 3 months ago and now itís time to be hardcore again! My goal is to lose body fat while retaining as much muscle as possible!

    11% bf

    Supps for my Rip cycle!

    USP Labs Oxyelite Pro
    USP Labs Recreate
    PES Alpha T-2
    USP Labs Anabolic Pump (been using this for the past 3 weeks with powerful)
    USP LabsPowerfull
    USP Labs Prime
    Amplified creatine 189 (creatine hydrochloride)
    Amplified NO Maximizer (micronized arginine akg)
    VPX PowerShock
    Allmax Aminocore (intra workout and or during the day)
    Biorythm AfterGlow- If you havnt heard of this check it out. Best, most complete postworkout IMO (krealk, whey isolate, cortisol blocker, BCAA, Glutamine, Cissus quadÖ)
    Ester-C 1000mg
    NDS Censor
    Triple Strength Fish Oil (900 mgs omega 3, 5x filtered)
    300 mg CO-Q 10
    Dymatize Elite 12 hr
    GNC Maximum Performance Multi Vitamin Powder (contains everything from phytosterols, fruit and vegitable blend, 2gm ALA and GLA, 5gms soluble/insoluble fiberÖ ect)
    Scifit Krealk and Glutalyn powder (I mix ľ tsp of each w / my Isopure and Multi powder in the morning)
    Animal Pak (1 pack mid day with post workout meal)
    Multi Enzyme
    My diet (sample)
    7am- HITT Cardio
    1 cap oxy, 1 cap recreate, 1 cap T-2, 1 scoop PowerShock
    1 cap A P
    Shake as described above
    3 caps Censor
    1 cap Fish oil
    2 caps prime
    Ĺ cup oatmeal w/ sprinkled organic granola
    Handful of almonds
    1 cap A P
    Grilled chicken breast w/ medium sweet potato
    3 caps censor
    1 cap multi enzyme
    130pm (workout)
    1 cap oxy
    1 cap recreate
    1 T-2
    2 amp 189ís
    4 amp NO Max
    3 Powerfuls
    1 Prime
    1 Ester C
    1 scoop Power Shock

    230pm (post workout)
    2 scoops AfterGlow

    Chicken breast with broccoli
    3 caps Censor
    2 caps Prime
    Salmon w/ Asparagus
    3 caps censor
    1 cap multi enzyme
    2 scoops 12 hr elite
    3 powerfulls

    My main meats will be: chicken, salmon, tilapia, flank steak, eggs
    Carb sources: sweet potatoes, 100 cal whole wheat flat bread, greens, oatmeal, AfterGlow (cane sugar)

    If anyone has any tips or critiques I would much appreciate it! This should be one hell of a ride!

  2. Day 1:

    Skimped on the morning cardio inorder to study for a final. My typical morning shake (usually isopure, multi powder w fiber, krealk, and glutalyn) had an addition of 4 strawberries for an extra pick me up for my exam. Aced the exam btw!

    Preworkout meal was rushed (because of my schedule change from my exam) so instead of chicken and a sweet potatoe, I made an isopure with 4 large strawberries, half a banana, and 1/3 dry oatmeal blended smooth. Tasted great!

    I started the Freak workout by USP Labs today which called for:
    12x4 Incline dumbell press (used 70lbs)
    12x4 Incline dumbell curls (used 35lbs)

    Workout was fantastic, my preworkout supplement combo kicked ass!
    I sweated a lot more than usual, and tho I wasnít feeling like I needed to run a marathon, my energy was steady and consistent. I used 70lbs dumbbells for the presses and 35lbs for the curls and completely surpassed my buddy who had to drop the weight after the 9th set. At the end of my workout I completed 150 hanging leg raises and 100 weighted rope crunches. A half hour later I completed 30 mins of HIIT cardio before heading home to study for my final for my late class.
    Until tomorrowÖ.

  3. Day 2:

    Preworkout meal:
    (15mins before, anabolic pump)
    Grilled chicken breast w/ a medium sweet potatoe

    Workout was awesome! Todayís workout consisted of legs, which has been a weak area for me due to knee injuries, so I usually go lighter on squats while still hitting 90 degrees.

    Squats 5x5 135lbs
    Calf extensions on leg press 5x5 360lbs
    Dead lifts 5x5 225lbs

    My energy was still so good that I wanted to do more, but refrained in order to follow the program. Instead I finished with a 30 minute walk on a high incline.

    So far my appetite is very minimal and my energy is steady and burning!
    Until tomorrowÖ.

  4. DAMN!!!!!!
    HIGH VOLUME - Supreme Stim-Free Nitric Oxide Matrix
    SELECT Protein
    - Ultra-Premium Blend
    ALPHAMINE - Thermogenics...Redefined

  5. wtf...you need a warehouse to store ur supplements =P

  6. steakboy
    steakboy's Avatar

    how you liking the dymatize elite 12hr? I can't stand the taste but the profile is epic. Didn't get into bodybuilding to like the taste of stuff anyway. that and the stuff is cheaper than dirt.

    holy crap bro namath, that's a lot of sups! good thing your family owns a gnc dude... lol

  7. Quote Originally Posted by tbonesteakboy View Post
    how you liking the dymatize elite 12hr? I can't stand the taste but the profile is epic. Didn't get into bodybuilding to like the taste of stuff anyway. that and the stuff is cheaper than dirt.

    holy crap bro namath, that's a lot of sups! good thing your family owns a gnc dude... lol
    I know i'm not him, but my personal review on the 12 hour= it's on the same level as Myofusion, and i got that chocolate brownie flavor, i honestly LOVED it...with water, yeah not so great, but with skim milk it tasted great, and has a great profile like u said. But it's only 4.4 lbs so for a bit more you get Myofusion which tastes better and has kind of the same profile.

  8. haha i've been saving up for awhile ;-)
    I personally love the dymatize elite 12 hr, sipping a banana nut and chocolate shake right now! Sorry i havnt updated, but here's a quick rundown:
    Day 3

    Today I performed sprint laps in the pool for 35 mins. Thank god for powershock!

    Todayís workout was:
    12x4 weighted pull ups. I used 15lbs hanging for 4 reps.
    12x4 weighted dips. I used 35lbs for 4 reps
    12x4 stand up dumbell presses. I used 30lbs

    After this I did circuit ab training then finished with cardio on an incline for 15mins, thank god for After Glow!

    Day 4

    Today I did:
    5x8 incline dumbbells for 70lbs super setted with decline cable flyes with 60lbs (only super setted 3 of the 5 sets)
    5x8 Incline dumbell curls with 35lbs super setted with reverse grip eZ bar curls (only super setted 3 of the 5 sets)

    Day 5

    Rest! Did basketball drills for cardio 35 mins

    Day 6

    Had a rough start this morning due to a previous late night, no drinking was involved but I got home really late. I skipped ,my morning dosages and took full stack in the afternoon before workout. Workout was the best yet, my body felt tight and swollen!

    5x8 pullups (body wheight) super setted with seated cable rows with 130lbs
    5x8 standup dumbell presses with 40lbs supersetted with standup dumbell lateral raises with 20lbs (slight twinge in my back mad me drop from 30ís)
    5x8 dips with a 35lb plate supersetted with 100lb skull crushers
    3x8 Hammer curls with 35lbs super setted with supinated dumbell curls with 25lbs

    So far everything is going great and I am all ready noticing improvements! I really like this stack am really excited for my upcoming workouts!

    Thanks for the comments guys, I definitely am thankful to be able have the opportunity to try this!

  9. Day 7
    Rest. Only thing I completed was low impact cardio.

    Day 8

    Today I got up early and met with a good friend who was on leave and we trained at the MacDill Airforce Base. Gotta admit, I felt like a kid in a candy store! The equipment was as bountiful as their hot, beautiful airforce womenÖ I might add that there was plenty of motivation for this workout!
    Todayís workout was a repeat of Day 1 except my strength had increased!

    Db incline presses 12x4 with 75lbs (5lb+)
    Db incline curls 12x4 with 35lbs

    After this I took full advantage of their superb ab equipment, I must say, it beat the heck out of improvising like I usually do!

    My diet today wasnít perfect. My preworkout nutrition was great, did my afterglow post, then 2 hrs later my buddy and I were at the mall and thought PF Changs Chinese Steakhouse would be fine but I wasnít so sure after I received my meal. I had ordered the lunch portion of the cashew chicken with brown rice but it was covered in an unknown sauce : / For this I proceeded to walk the mall for an extra hour, then cardio later that night.

    Day 9

    This morning I got up early and complete interval training in a pool for 30 mins which primarily consisted of sprints.

    At 12pm my preworkout nutrition consisted of a 6oz piece of steak with a sweet potatoe.

    Workout: 5x5

    Narrow squats with 155lbs (20lb+)
    Calf raises with 115lbs
    Deadlifts with 225lbs

    Felt kinda out of it with this workout for some reason. Slept good the night before but energy was still down.

    Day 10

    Today I got up early to eat breakfast due to a morning workout
    Workout: 12x4

    Weighted pullups with 15lbs
    Weighted dips with 35lbs
    Standup dumbell presses with 45lbs (15lb +)

    Day 11

    Having trained yet today but will post the workout as soon as I can, just wanted to give an update on weight, Iím currently weighing 170.5lbs!
    I havnít tested my bf yet but I will do that soon, but as of now Iím down 6.5lbs.
    Will update later!

  10. Preworkout meal:
    Grilled chicken and a sweet potato!

    Workout 5x8
    Dumbbell incline presses with 75lbs
    Supersetted with cable cross-overs with 60lbs
    Dumbbell incline curls
    Supersetted with reverse ez bar curls with 55lbs

    Extreme abs!
    200 leg raises
    4 sets of 30 second bicycle kicks
    3 sets of 15 reps stand up rope crunches
    3 sets of 15 reps floor rope crunches

    15 mins incline walk

    Day 12
    Rest! My cardio session consisted of 45 mins of basketball. Iím definitely not that greatest but due to my motivation to get lean, I played with full intensity!

    Day 13
    Todayís workout will be posted later but as of now Iíd have to say that this stack is definitely working!

    In recent cutís Iíve lost a lot of mass while dropping bf, but this time Iíve actually gained strength! I attribute this success to the addition of anabolic pump, powerfull, and prime. I feel as if my utilization of my carbohydrate meals is better, my sleep has improved due to powerfull, and prime has helped me with keeping my strength throughout this cut. Iíd also like to attribute the Amp 189 creatine. If you notice the workouts, a lot are high volume. With that being said, call me crazy but Iíve been able to maintain strength during each workout as a result of my enhanced ATP. Of course andother contributing factor is my addition of Aminocore by Allmax. The taste is that of fruit punch koolaid that has been sitting in the sun for 3 days, then iced down. Itís not horrible by any means, and even if it was, Iíd have to say that itís effects are noticeable and I donít want to train without it!

    Until later!

  11. Workout went very well today!

    Wide grip pull ups (body weight)
    Supersetted with bent over barbell rows with 135lbs
    Weighted dips with 35lbs
    Supersetted with rope pushdowns with 115lbs
    Stand up dumbbell presses with 45lbs
    Supersetted with lateral raises with 25lbs
    Chinups with bodyweight, legs straight out (to intensify and affect the abs)
    Hammer preacher curls with 30lb dumbbells

    After the weights I attacked the abs again before returning back to work. I was hoping to have more time for cardio, but did not unfortunately. Another note, instead of my usual dymatize elite protein for my last meal, I had a cup of egg beaters with a small flank steak (6oz).

    Day 14

    Rest day! Today I work the length that my gym is open (just in case anyone was wondering why I donít ever train on Sundays. I do however have a dilemma and need advice pronto!!!
    My dilemma: Tomorrow is day 15 and it starts a whole new training routine with The Freak Workout. But, Iím scheduled to take my girlfriend to Disney World. Weíre leaving bright and early so we can have breakfast (IHop, donít worry Iíll be having the Colorado omelet with egg beaters and fresh fruit) and will be staying til closing, therefore the gym is not an option. Then the next day (Tuesday, day 16) I start another college class early in the morning. My question is whether or not I should skip Mondayís workout like it was never there and follow along with the program, or just do both workouts on Tuesday? The new scheme is: lower/upper/lower/upper/lower/upper/off, therefore Iíd be training upper and lower on Tuesday, then lower again on Wednesday. What do you think?

  12. ^^^^^^^^^^lol at this dude posting on every thread like crazy to get his posts up

  13. What's up with the invisible link to a Russian website??

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk View Post
    What's up with the invisible link to a Russian website??
    lmao...i know wtf is wrong with him.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk View Post
    What's up with the invisible link to a Russian website??
    Invisible link?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Punisher88 View Post
    Invisible link?
    There was a spammer going around on all threads posting garbage, go on with the log boss

  17. ah, thanks man i was confused. I worked 12 hrs today but I will complete a full update tomorrow after I complete tomorrow's upper body workout!

  18. Day 15

    Today was supposed to be a training day but I was obligated to be spent otherwise.

    Day 16

    Today I started the new training style for the freak workout. For this week and the next, I am to repeat the same upper body workout 3x a weak and my lower body 3x a week with different rep schemes.

    Todayís workout: 3 sets of 8 reps til failure.

    Db incline presses with 80lbs
    With a gradual walk to supinated pull ups with body weight

    Weighted dips with a 45lb plate

    Following this I completed 20 mins of HIIT then 10 mins on an incline walk.

    Day 17

    Today was another day where I could not train. I picked up an all day shift at my old catering job that started at 8am and finished at 9pm. Even if I had gotten up earlier to train, it would have been a bitch training legs til failure then working 13 hrs on my feet!

    Day 18

    Todayís workout:
    Same as Tuesdayís except with a rep scheme of 6 sets of 4 reps!
    For the presses I used 85lbs
    For the pull ups I used a 25lb plate for added weight
    Dips I used 45lbs

    Day 19

    Legs! Finally training them this week.

    6 sets of 4 reps:

    Dead lifts alternating 265-245lbs
    Squats 155lbs. Anyone have an issue with their knee after a set? I didnít have any pain during the exercise, nor walking around in between, but as soon as I reracked the weight I felt a sharp pain in my right knee before it went away. This started on my 4th set so naturally I stopped after the 5th set when it happened again. Because of this I skipped calf raises and went strait to the treadmill and walked on an incline for 15mins. Felt it may do some good.

    Day 20

    Today was an easy day. It consisted of 2 sets of 10 reps

    Same as tues and thurs!

    Db presses with 70lbs
    With a cause walk to supinated pull ups with body weight

    Dips with a 25lb plate

    After this I opted to add extra work:
    Barbell curls: 3 sets 10 reps w/ 75lbs
    Reverse barbell curls: 3 sets 8 reps w/ 65lbs

    Barbell military press: 3 sets of 8 with 115lbs

    Cable flyes to presses: 3 sets of 10 reps w/ 50lbs

    2 sets of 10 reps perfect pushup

    15 mins of incline walk

    Day 21
    Rest! Itís Sunday

    Iíll update after todayís workout and tomorrow I will post stats!

  19. Hey,

    Can someone please tell me how i burn fat but not muscle whilst i'm doing cardio? Thanks

  20. I use powershock before and during cardio. BCAA's are crucial during cardio because they help protect your body against catabolism. Also, the type of cardio will have an impact on the amount of muscle you'll burn. I opt for low impact cardio after a workout because by hitting the weights, you're priming your body for fat burning as is, therefore low impact cardio such as walking on an incline, is perfect. Stick with around 30 mins. Other cardio would include High intensity interval training. This refers to cardio containing high intensity movements such as sprints. It usually lasts around 20-30 mins.


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