This diet is working out pretty good so far, under 255 for the first time in a while(was at 265, short term goal is 235 for now then 200). Just looking for any critiques/suggestions

Non w/o day 1952 40p/25c/35f

W/O Day 1964cal 38p/35c/27f

Only difference between what I eat on either W/O or Non W/O is my final meal.

1/4c oatmeal cooked in 1/2c milk w/ 1tsp brown sugar and 1med banana
2 XL Om3 Eggs

2serv ATW Protein Isolate w/ 4oz milk/12oz water and 1tblsp flax oil,

WW Flax Wrap w/ 4oz roast beef and some horseradish spread.

4 - 5oz either chicken/beef/pork all lean cuts.
3 -4oz mixed fresh veggies w/ 1tbsp olive oil and some seasoned salt

1 Serv NO Shotgun

During WO
AI RecoverPro

PWO Shake
1serv ATW Rejuvenix w/ added dextrose to have 2carbs per gram of protein

If not working out
1.5serv ATW L&F w/ 1tbsp flax oil

Other than than I have a 1ltr bottle of water at home that I try to polish off at home and a 2.2ltr bottle at work.

Supplement wise 3x/day take
1tab ON Optimen
2 NP Fishoil capsules
1 NP CLA capsule
1 NP TeaGCG capsule
1 PF Alcalean capsule

and 2x day VitD 2k iu