First real cutting phase

  1. First real cutting phase

    I've been trying to bulk for a few years now and i dont think i can get what i want, i did go from 135 to 170 at 5'7. SO screw it! Here is my diet and work out i've been doing for a few weeks. i would guess about 13% BF now i really want to get that shred since i cant get to 200 legit, i dont think my frame is built for it.

    1. 0600- ON 60 gram shake about 440 cals + ECA
    2. 0900- ON 60 gram shake 440 cals
    3. 1200- 1 smart ones microwave meal 20 grams 300 cal. + ECA
    4. 1430- ON 60 gram shake 440 cal. + amimal pack
    5. 1600- 2 scoops of jacked- work out
    6. 1700- MT anabolic halo post work out 80 cals.
    7. varies but mostly 2 Natty pb on whole wheat

    work out:
    Monday- Chest and biceps- 8-10 reps 4 sets.
    DB press
    seated curls in between
    cable flies
    cable curls in between
    pull overs
    close grip flat bar curls in between
    row machine- 1000 meters in 7 minutes

    Tuesday- I have a torn maniscus so leg day is sucking till i get my MRI done on the 25th and get the surgery finished
    12 minutes on the bike with tension as high as i can handle that day.
    calf raises- high reps
    crunches- high reps
    leg extensions if i can- high reps
    leg lifts- 10 reps 5 sets
    ham curls if i can after everything else- high reps
    decline sit ups- high reps

    wednesday is off

    Thursday- back and tries 8-10 reps 4 sets
    pull ups
    rope pulls in between
    close grip lat pulls
    palm up grip single arm pull downs in between
    seated close grip pulls
    deal lifts- lower reps heavy as i can handle that day
    1000m row

    Friday- shoulders and abs 8-10 reps 4 sets
    12 minutes on the bike high RPM
    crunches in between
    leg lifts in between
    lateral raises front
    sit ups in between
    reverse flies

    The gym i go to is really hot so i dump a lot of water weight.

  2. be careful with the torn miniscus. If you hurt your leg due to the instability you could rupture or tear your ACL as well. I have two friends going through year long rehab. Just be careful.

  3. The doc told me no squats or running so i only do stuff when its not flared up. He said if they can cut it out i would be down for a few days and limited for a month but if he had to do something else, i forgot what he said cause i was shocked to hear him say six weeks hard down on cruches and zero presure. It tends to be OK when i keep my legs totally straight

  4. looks good, will be following this

  5. Thats rough man, I admire the effort just keep safe. dont want to have to take 12 steps backwards.

  6. 2 meals out of the day are actual food?


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