Dextrose or No Dextrose while on a cut?

  1. Dextrose or No Dextrose while on a cut?

    I need some answers on whether or not I should supplemt with dextrose post workout while on a cut.

    I had a few ideas:

    1. Ditch the dextrose and use two scoops of whey post workout.
    2. Ditch the dextrose and whey and take amino acids post workout.
    3. Keep using the dextrose with the whey protein.

    Which on will work best while cutting? I want to say choice number two would work best.

  2. I would say no dextrose while cutting (I actually say never period) because it does nothing to stave of hunger. That said you don't have to ditch carbs altogether - could use low moderate GI complex carb like oatmeal or fruit like a banana.

  3. I like raisins and a banana afterwards to help with glycogen and to reduce the acid load in the body. If you're worried about calories, I say just go with the raisins.

  4. i say absolutely no dexstrose, or sugar, during a cut, especially if ur carb sensitive.
    right now ive been cutting for about 6 weeks, down 7lbs. slowly but surely. i have 1 scoop of whey after a workout and have a meal about 30-45 min after that.

    youd be surprised the muscle u keep without rushing to get fast acting carbs with protein right after a lift.. besides dextrose after a workout is more for growth, u wanna constantly be anabolic. but when u cut, the idea is to just KEEP muscle and burn the fat. u wont be gaining on a cut.

  5. i've been using dextrose in my pwo shake with ala and have still been losing.

  6. I am leaning towards cutting the dextrose and creatine out just for this cut. Trying to lose the fat and bloating before Vegas comes up.

    I have already ditched the milk and the carbohydrates in my last meal of the day. Added in some cardio activity, fat burner and CLA.


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