back into healthy lifestyle BUT need help

  1. back into healthy lifestyle BUT need help

    Hello everyone! I am in need of some assistance! I am a 39yr male that is getting back into the health scene. My current weight is 245lbs I normally range from205-215lbs. I was out of the gym and healthy lifestyle for nearly 3 yrs(due to work layoff and back surgery of a herniated discs..L5&L4) I am a former client of the late Chris “Swolecat” Janusz ( a online fitness guru) I had very good success with his programs Sup2 and SGX. Those familiar with his program SGX know how the nutrition measurements were very important. An example of a typical day for me on SGX was:
    5:00am –Treadmill 45 minutes then
    5:45am Meal one….50grams of protein(chicken or fish) 15 of healthy fat
    8:30am Meal 2 50 gram protein shake with 15g of flaxseed oil
    11:00am same as meal 1
    1:30pm same as meal 2
    3:00 pre workout one apple
    4:15pm meal 5 post workout 40g protein with 70g of dextrose 0 fat
    6:45pm meal 6 40g of protein 0 fat and 30g of carbs usually any green ones.]
    Now I had a lot of success following his design but I am burnt out on following that way. I pretty much know what I have to do as far as cardio and gym . My real concern is the food itself to lose fat. I am very bored as far as my previous diet. Im not saying no to chicken but I need a different way. I just need some advice as to what veggies and fruit is okay to consume for fat loss. Is it okay to have rice? sweet potatoes? Bbq sauce? Stuff along those lines . I also consume about a gal of water a day . Energy is a huge factor as well meaning I have hardly none! I used to take eca stacks then just caffeine pills but now I have left those behind. What if any vitamins should i be taking?I know others have been in my shoes please help me to get back on track so that I can get myself healthy again! Thanks everyone!!!

  2. Essential Supplements:
    fish oil

    Essential Foods:
    Lean Proteins - Chicken breast, turkey breast, eggs, pork tenderloin, white fish, salmon, venison, buffalo, cottage cheese
    Good Carbs - Oats, brown rice, sweet potatoes, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, green veggies
    Good Fats - Nuts and nut butter, EVOO, Omega 3 Fish (Salmon, trout, swordfish, sardines)

    Say NO to sugar! So that means no bbq sauce. Sugar is the enemy when it comes to fat loss. Sugar causes insulin spikes which make it impossible for your body to burn fat for energy.

    If you can eat clean, avoid sugar, and burn more cals then you're taking in, you'll definitely see results. I plan my meals out for the week, and cook in bulk. That way there's no excuses for nights I don't feel like cooking or don't have one or two ingredients, which usually leads to eating wrong. If you're bored with plain chicken, look in the recipes section for some varieities on things. I eat a lot if chicken, but have a few staples in my diet for variety. I make turkey sausage for breakfast w/ 93% lean turkey. Tastes awesome! For dinner a few of my staples are jambalaya (w/ chicken breast, chicken sausage & brown rice), chili verde (w/ pork tenderloin), turkey meatballs (w/ whole wheat breadcrumbs). Just avoid or substitute certain ingredients for healthy ones.

  3. Thanks Gainsvillian can anyone else throw their advice in as well?

  4. Wow thanks gainsvillian I learned a lot... But I love my sugar damn

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