starvation and stressed induced hypothyroidism

  1. starvation and stressed induced hypothyroidism

    Ok it has been almost 6 months and test levels have not returned to normal. Let me give you brief description. i did a cutting cycle with gh, Tons ec green tea, l carnitine and other fat burners with fina winny. I was aout 212 and hard as **** and then I lowered caloies from 3000 to 2700 caloires with a refeed every 3-4 days of 1000 extra caloires. Mean while I was under a ton of stress my work, life. ect and when it came to contest I was 186 and flat as a board. I belive at this time my thyroid was begining to go and test levels where already low. After the contest I began to raise caloires and eat clean about 6 weeks after and 12 weeks after being on chem. I notice I started to loose strength and get very constipated. (belive this was beginning of subclinical hypothyroid. Paying no attenetion to it I notice my anxiety and constipatin and bloating go worse. So doctor gave me laxatives. That still di not help. In decemeber told dr i was cold and Resting temp was 96 degrees and constantly cold all the time and getting more bloated with all the food I ate, but did not seem to care. another 2 weeks go by my blood pressure was 95/55 and hr ws 45, i could not sweat doing HIT cardio and I knew somthing was seriously wrong. He sent me to Gi specialist and found nothing .more laxativies they gave me. @ weeks after this I was admited to hospital for dehydratiion and given 2 bags of IV and blood test. All where normal except they did not ck for totalthyroid panel only tsh (GO FIGRE) mean while my weigth was down 15 lbs of lean muscle mass and very foggy thinking. from all the toxins backed up in me I developed systemic candida where for next 4 weeks ate nothing but protein and fat (barelt 2000 caloires) and tried to train. Mean while my test levels plumed to 40. Then I was sent to endo. Took more blood and said see you in 4 weeks. at that time levels where 200 . For weeks later I was back to 90 testosterone and he never even cked on thyrioid. I from evidence that starvation, stress can significantly lower testosterone to that off under 100 ng/dl (sited in a study from 1950 from journal of applied physiology.) my normal caloires are 4500 off reason and still loosing weight now I barely eat 2000-2500 and just feel so runned down. So my question is this. Should i have a full panel thyroid done or is here a way to rest my metabolism to get back to normal so I can have my levels of T returned to normal. Since I have been starved for SOO long.

  2. Damn bro....Im not sure you should be taking advice from anyone here who is not EXTREMELY qualified. I would have a full panel done regardless, what is holding you back. Also, is there possibly depression involved?

  3. DEepression hs subsided so thats a good thing. I did iodine test and patch disappeared in 6 hours from when applied. Indicates i am low in iodine so this could be a factor as well

  4. You definetly need to see an endocrinologist and explain to the whole situation. Find a new one that will actually put the time into getting your hormones back to baseline. I would NOT try to fix this on your own as you will only make it worse. You might ask SWALE at and see what he thinks. He might be able to refer you to someone specialized in these type of situations. I wouldn't event attempt to help you in this situation as you NEED medical attnetion and nobody here is qualified to do this. We can offer advice and that is all. Just don't flip out or anything, your problems are fixable. Just try to look for a Dr. that specializes in this type of thing and you might have to tell him EVERYTHING. I tihnk its warranted to get you back to baseline.
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