Snacks for cutting/recomp?

  1. Snacks for cutting/recomp?

    What is good to eat, im doing a low carb diet, but still trying to eat a lot. But since im having no carbs, i always feel hungry, and want to eat or snack, what is good to eat, especially before bed? I sometimes have a low carb meal before bed, so overnight my body will use the carbs, in the hopes my muscle does not deteriorate.

    Any ideas?

  2. If you are trying to get lean, do not eat any carbs past 5-6 o clock at night- except those tiny amounts you will find in vegitables. So I am cutting now....What I mostly eat is small amount of carbs in the morning 20-30 g's and for post workout 60-75 so roughly 125 g's a day. You my friend will want to eat LOTS of veggies- they fill u, they contain very little carbs and they are loaded with vitamins, and Lean meats such as grilled chicken turkey, tuna, (any fish really so long as it isnt fried) and red beef 1-2 a week. Also Give yourself a cheat day, otherwise you will probably go crazy and say f it, I cheat every 4-5 days and have about 350-400g's of carbs, aside from satisfying carb cravings it jumpstarts your metabolism! Good Luck

  3. Protein brownies

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