Vitamins increase cholesterol?

  1. Vitamins increase cholesterol?

    i thought this was an interesting story. it seems that some vitamins such as C and E can be bad for your cholesterol, which sucks because those were some of my favorites. it's just one study though. they are still waiting for confirmation before sending out health warnings.



  2. Thumbs down

    how bull**** is that?!

    sounds like another attempt from the drug companies to discredit vitamins. i'll bet it was funded by pfizer or the like.

  3. Right now its just hype. Its merely a preliminary study which they don't even describe or post. Just some researchers trying to make names for themselves. Numerous other studies show the benefits of taking certain forms of vitamin E on lipid profiles..Gamma E, tocotrienols et cetera.

  4. i should add that the study was done on mice, so whether antioxidants increase cholesterol in humans is still to be determined. the guys mentioned in the article are planning to do further research in it - i'm sure a researcher can get a lot of funding with a topic like that given these inital results.


  5. What a crock of ****



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