cutting help/critique

  1. cutting help/critique

    okay so im ready to start my cut to let all my hard work show off and was hopping that you guys could help critique my cutting phase. im currently 5' 9'' 163lb and 18.8%bf(used one of those hand held ones at the gym) and my maintenance calories are 2876(used this sight i workout 6 on 1 off mon wed fri are my lifting days with a one mile warm up tues thurs sat are cardio. my goal is to drop at least 10% over the summer. my plan was to use a eca stack and have the proper diet with 3000cal a day and burn 1000cal in cardio over the six days so it would be mon wed fri 1000cal cardio with lifting tues thurs fri just 1000cal cardio. hows does this look? will it work? any suggestion? thanks for all that help

  2. So you want to drop 10% to 8.8% bf or drop to 10%? That's a pretty lofty goal either way. Your 3000 cals definitely need to drop down and what is the breakdown. Post a sample of your diet w/ macros and it'll make it easier to critique. Are you burning 1000 cals per week or 2000?

  3. i want to drop to 8.8% and im still working on my diet and what it is going to look like higher protein lover carbs no carbs after 7 and i was going to burn 1000 cal a day

  4. Have you been at or near this bf % before? 8-9% is pretty lean!!

    You're only burning about 125 cals with your one mile warmup on lifting days, and regardless of the variance in cals burnt from lifting, it's definitely not 875! Not sure where you're getting the assumption you're burning 1000 cals a day from? IF you're assuming this is from your normal daily activity, I'm pretty sure that's already baked into your cal maintenance number.

  5. haven't been down that low 11 been the lowest im not talking about my current work out routine im going to start my cutting routine in the next week or so and im going to do 1000cal just with cardio like running so im going to burn 1000cal those six days and do my lifting so the 1000cal im talking about is going to be just from running



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