PSMF Questions

  1. PSMF Questions

    After doing some reading on diets. I came across a KD thats called a PSMF I was wondering what you guys thought about it. How much LBM would someone loose doing it for 2-4 weeks then doing a CKD if the person had about 50 pounds of fat? Or even 30 pounds of fat? Or is the diet just not a good idea? The reading i have done so far on it shows a positive nitrogen balance which is a good thing for perserving LBM right.

  2. Depends on bf%, the higher, the more efficacious and advisable is the PSMF. As long as protein consumption is high-end (1.5g per lb. lbm), then you can use the PSMF all the way down to 12% bf, assuming proper maintenance breaks and refeeds as suggested by Lyle in his book.

    At 12% bf, you'd probably start to lose some significant muscle though. You could just switch to UD 2.0 at that point though.

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