cut/recomp diet

  1. cut/recomp diet

    would like some feed back on my current diet and training while cutting/recomping
    My typical diet on a trainin day is
    45g protein from whey, 30g carbs from oatmeal, 1 orange, 1CLA, 1 fishoil
    total:50g pro.,50g carbs, 5g fat
    omelete consisting of 3 whole eggs, 3 whites, tomatoe, spinach, peas. Two fishoils and a multi
    total: 35-40g pro.,about 10g carbs, 18g. fat
    4 slices ezekiel bread, 6oz. chicken breast, peas, cla, multi
    total:50g pro., 75g carbs, 6g fat
    Intra workout: 2 1 1 recovery 35g carbs, 17g protein, with some added BCAA's
    2:30-about 1/2 hour after workout
    Cup of oats, 2 scoops isolate, cup of blueberris, 1 cla
    total: 50g pro., 75g carbs, 6g fat
    bison, green beans, muchrooms, 15 almonds
    total: 40g prot.,15g carbs, 21 g fat
    pork tenderloin, spinach, cucumber, lettuce salad with apple cider vinegar and olive oil
    total: 35g pro., 10g carbs, 20g fat
    10:00pm-45min before bed
    1/2 cup of greek yogurt, 2tbls almond butter, 1 scoop pro complex
    total:45g pro., 10g carbs, 16g fat

    My total macros for the day usually come out to 300g pro, 275g carbs, and 95 g of fat. Im currently 3 weeks in and seeing sum decent results in abs but arms are not looking more cut. Im currently around 13% bf and want about 9 or 8%. Im slowy taking away 30-40g of carbs each week until i get down to 160 on workout days and will cycle them. will one high day at 350g, 2 days at 200g, 2 days at 160g and 2 days at 70(off days).
    Im currently 5"8 194 and dont really want to cut weight too much. Im following layne nortons power/hypertrophy split, or at least the idea of it. An example of one of my hypertrophy days is chest and arms:
    Incline DB-3x8, flat fly 2x10, cable flys 3x12
    then I superset bis and tris doing:
    db curls 2x10/close grip bench 2x10
    lying rope curl 2x12/overhead cable ext 2x12
    concentration curl 2x12/rope ext 2x12
    And i finish off the workout with a superset of dips and hammer both till failure. All of my sets are till muscular failure.
    Training 5 days a week and do HIIT on monday after upper power and a complex on tuesday after lower power.
    let me know what u guys think about the diet and the example of the training. Oh and ive been working out for about 2 years.

  2. Anyone got any advice or feed back. would appreciate anything. Just wana be sure that im doing whats right to get results

  3. I don't see any major problems, I'm not much of a pork man but others might feel different and some may say 275 carbs should be lowered for a cut.

  4. yea im definitely going to lower carbs. Im jus coming off a bulk about 4 weeks ago where my carbs were about at 425. so im slowly tappering them down to about 150-160 on workout days.

  5. i've also seen mixed reviews on pork too. but i dnt eat it everyday, prolly eat it once a week

  6. Its a good idea that your tapering your carbs down. If I were you I would take out the orange in the morning, cut out the intra-workout carbs as it seems you are well equiped on carbs for now, and take out the yogurt at night. Besides that, everything looks fine as it seems to so far work for you right? Also, I highly recommend xtend or maybe just some whey in water for intra workout if you are really scared of losing any gains. I use 4-5 scoops of xtend which is over 10 grams bcaa and about 80-100 calories of pure protien and bcaa's during my workout. Try it out.

  7. 8 or 9% is really lean bro, so you're going to have to make a lot of changes if you want to get there. First, cut out the peas from your diet. They're high in sugar and you can get much more out of broccoli, cauliflower, celery, or green beans. In the morning, drop the orange, and add some natty PB or almond butter to your oats/protein. High carb/protein combo with low fat will spike your insulin, which if you're trying to cut, you want to avoid like the plague. The fat will slow absorption and help avoid the insulin spike. At lunch, drop the ezekiel bread. Good choice for bread, but you have plenty of carbs already. Post workout, do one of two things. I know there's a lot of controversy here, but if you want to do carbs post wo, do fast acting like dextrose, not oats. Oats are slow absorbing, so you're probably better of just doing the whey and no carbs rather than whey and oats. Pork tenderloin is okay if you're doing pork, but it's still not as lean as chicken or turkey breast. I would do it no more than once/twice a week. Your meal before bed I would throw it all out and either just take a casein shake, or eat some FF cottage cheese. What are your total calories at?

  8. Right not my cals are at 3150 on lifting days and about 2100 on off days. but like i said im slowly lowering them till they get to about 2800 on workout days. I dropped too fast last year and lost alot of muscle. I was 9% bf but was 165 and i was soo skinny and hated it so this time um taking it slow. I want to go no lower than 180lbs. You mentioned something about milk but i dnt dink any lol. Thanks for ur advice guys, defenitely taking that orange out in the morning and next week my carbs will be at 235 so i will take some out pre workout. I have a question about the oats and peanut butter combo. I thougth mixing and fats was not a good idea. I usually seperate them and have either carbs and protein or protein and fats. I could obviously be wrong and theres prolly arguments for both ways. Let me kno wat u think. The reason i have the slower digesting carbs post workout is becasue im consuming the intra shake so i dnt feel the need the spike insulin right away with dextrose. Instead i waight till i get home from the gym and eat the oats. if i dont see further progress i will definitely switch to xtend intra and dextrose straight after.

  9. Oh, i forgot to mention that I started using glycobol this week with my pre wotkout meal and the 2nd dose with either breakfast or post workout

  10. I didn't see that intra - You're good then.

    There's no problem mixing fats with anything unless you're trying to get fast absorption (post-workout). Fats slow down the absorption. Carbs and Protein on their own (w/o fats) can be bad b/c it can cause an insulin spike. Adding the fat here is good b/c it slows the insulin release and avoids the spike.

  11. alrite, i see where you're coming from and agree that it is a good idea to have as little major insulin spikes as possible. im going to switch my breakfast to 1/2 cup of oats with either 3 whole eggs and 3 whites or 1/2 a cup with my pro complex and a tbls of peanut or almond butter. Thanks

  12. So this week i lowered my carbs down to 235g a day and switched my diet around slightly. Heres wat it looks like
    1scoop whey, 1 whole egg, 1tbls peanut butter, 1/4 cup oats, 2 fishoils and 1/2 apple
    Totals: 55g pro., 25g carbs, 16g fat
    6oz. turkey breast, brocolli or green beans, 1/2 cup of sunflower seeds in shell
    totals: 35g pro., 10g carbs, 16g fat
    11:30-preworkout meal with two glycobols
    6 egg whites, 1 cup oatmeal, 1 greek yogurt, green beans 2 cla's
    totals: 50g pro, 70g carbs, 7g fat
    Intraworkout: 2:1:1 recovery
    totals:35g carbs, 17g pro. and added BCAA's
    20g whey isolate 15 min post workout
    2:30pm-45min. post workout
    2 slices ezekiel bread, 6oz. orange roughy, 1/2 cup black beans, 1 cup peas, 1 cla
    totals: 50g pro. 70g carbs, 6g fat
    6 oz. bison, zucchini and green peppers, 1 teaspoon olive oil, 2 fishoils
    Totals: 40g pro., 10g carbs, 18g fat
    6oz chicken breast, spinach, lettuce, cucumber salad, 10 walnut halves, teaspoon mac nut oil, 2 fishoils
    totals: 35g pro., 10g carbs, 18g fat
    10:00pm-1/2 hour before bed
    pro-complex, 1/4 cup plain greek yogurt, 1tblspoon peanut butter
    totals: 45g pro, 10g carbs, 10g fat
    Any opinions on that. Seeing some results but idk.
    Still using layne norton split with some modifications
    Monday: Upper power: flat bench, bent row, push press, shrugs, floor press all 3x5-6. Then do 12 min of HIIT at end
    Tuesday:lower power: squat, glute bridge, deadlift all 3x5 then calf press 6x8. 2 sets of a complex at the end
    Wed.: off
    Thurs: chest and arms. Mostly all sets between 8-12
    Friday: legs and abs. Mostly all sets beteen 8 and 20
    Sat. : back and shoulders. Mostly between 8-12 reps
    Let me know what u guys think, feed back would be appreciated

  13. I am kinda interested in the Glycobol. How is that working for you?

  14. Am liking it so far. Been taking it for 2 weeks. Seems like it keeping me fuller. With the combo of the diet and this i am just starting to see a slight increase in vascularity. I am dosing 2 preworkout and 1 post workout so it should last a while. I would recomend it, give it a shot. The best attribute is the fullness in muscle even without eating as much.


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