Sample Diet before Cut

  1. Sample Diet before Cut

    I was doing Anabolic Diet for bout 6 weeks worked well but I do not want to continue for long term usage. So I am Switching to a more Lean healthy version and its been a while since I got strict on eating very lean and in order.

    Trying to see if the sample menu will work around this workout schedule and give me an effective cutting with the supplements I have just bought.

    Supplements to accompany the diet
    Alpha t2
    oxy elite pro
    testo pro

    6 am. - 6:30
    3 eggs and maybe some egg whites if i can eat more that early =)

    7 o clock
    pre workout and head to the gym

    8:30 or 9
    post shake including (1 cup oatmeal, 8 oz greek yogurt, 8 oz cottage cheese, 3 or 4 banana, 1 cup blueberry or strawberry, and recon or bcaa's)

    12 o clock
    2 or 3 chicken breasts with veggies

    3 o clock
    3 or 4 slices of lunch meat(chicken, turkey or roast beef)

    5 o clock
    get off work depending on how i feel go back to gym for some jump rope and bag hitting and then off to home

    6 o clock to 7
    chicken, fish, or steak tips for dinner with side veggies

    9 o clock im not sure what to eat sometimes i leave our or take couple scoops of peanut butter but if yall know a good pre night munchy let me know..=)

    Thats my diet for cutting as of right now. I;m up for some criticism and or tweaking if at all possible. my main objective is cardio and abs and to get rid of my stubborn fat. Im trying to get my ducks in a row before i start my log and i figure i had a few days before my suppl. come in.

    I dont want to hop into a log and be like wtf to do.. I want to be ready and to rock n roll so i can do a log in depth and 100 percent! No games no bull**** just hard work. No need to sit by the sidelines its time to push to the top and be on top of my game!

    I do lifting mond,wed, and friday off days high intesity cardio, medium cardio and light cardio and off one day for relax and recover. If i left out anything I will try to remeber and post in appropriate section.

    Thanks ahead of time..=)

  2. looks pretty lean, although i think it may be too many calories for cutting. how many cal/day is this? i know that personally, i'm 5'9 and 163lbs and have been cutting for a little over a month now. i'm @ 1500-1700 cal/day on a keto diet (modified anabolic) carbing up on weekends. i'm just getting down to about 10% BF (down from 13%) and am just beginning to see my 4-pack and geting a bit veiny overall. this is diet has been working really well for me but, thats just my $.02

  3. yea the anabolic diet has been working and I need to get it tweaked out and fully understand it. Not sure on the calorie intake on it yet.. but what I'll do is track it before doing it.

    I kinda threw it out there before tracking it.=)

    got ahead of myself but I will go ahead and do this and repost it with calorie intake.

    right now i am 185 and bout 8 months ago I had body fat count on me of 8% but not sure how accurate it was. I was at gym and the lady did like an 8 point measurement system she used then calculated and came out with the percentage.

    I'm glad you responded to me about the tracking i failed to let yall know.. let me work on the right now and get it worked up. Cause it was a debate doing anabolic vs doing lean but i'll start with lean and beggies to get things kicked up a notch!

  4. Your post wo shake is aweful. CC is casein protein which is slow absorbing and oats are slow burning carbs. Both of these are exactly the opposite of what you want post workout. Get some whey protein and a simple carb like dextrose for your post workout. Eat the cottage cheese prebed b/c that's when you want the casein protein b/c it'll slow absorb while you're sleeping. Even if that first meal is tough to get down first thing in the morning, it is ESSENTIAL. Definitely add in some egg whites too. Once you get into a routine of doing this every morning, it'll get easier to get down. Make sure you're eating Natural PB and not the regular stuff. BIG DIFFERENCE, especially if you're cutting. Sugar is the enemy. One of your biggest goals should be to cut out all sugar, with the exception of post-workout (dextrose or other simple carb). Like the other poster said, make sure you're adding up your macros and keep a log, so you know where you're at for the week. It'll make it easier to stay on track and also to track your progress, or see where you need to make changes.

  5. Thank You! Thats what i needed to know.. I'm glad you told me about the shake. i'll rule that out and eat more egg whites and chicken breast!

    I'm glad im doing this before the the log and taking the supplements!

    Thank you for yall's help. and taking one out and adding more!

  6. I finally got home and got myself settle in for the night.. I have worked out day one of my diet. I was trying to make it as clean as possible.. please feel free to add or subtract anything of what i might need..

    I workout in mornings and i was trying to think of carb after say 9 o clock when i get from gym to work.. but here is my fit day for starters.

    as each day passes the better i get and the more knowledge i will grab!

    i beleive i have set it to public.. enjoy and be easy...=P


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