Cutting,CKD,and cycling questions...

  1. Cutting,CKD,and cycling questions...

    After almost 2 straight years of bulking, Im nearly 60lbs heavier than when I started training and I really think its time to lift that veil of chunk. Im planning on starting a cutting cycle in about 6 weeks -

    My questions are:

    1.)Im planning on using a CKD type diet to cut. Ive read the sitcky in this forum, but Im still confused as to how many carbs I need every day. Is it 30 grams per day post workout, and then a carb re-feed every weekend? Can these, and should these, be low-GI carbs?

    2.)When transitioning into Keto, should I reduce the amount of carbs gradually (upping fat cals to keep total calories the same), or just jump into the new diet?

    3.)What percentage of the total fat intake should be saturated? Is it best to stay with unsaturated fats like flax, fish, and olive oil? Does it make a difference?

    4.)Im thinking of staying right under maitenence cals for the first 4 weeks, and then starting a cycle of 1test/4AD (transdermal) and dropping the cals a little more to promote fat loss. Along with a proper training regimen, Im hoping that this will help me build/keep lean mass in the process. Question is, how do I keep my gains once Im off cycle? When bulking, its basically proper PCT, and a whole lot of good food - should I stay in ketosis, and up the cals in an attempt to keep any gains made?

    Can using androgens during a cutting phase be nearly as effective as they are during bulking? A good 4-week cycle of 1test/4AD with a proper bulking diet can earn you a solid 15-20lbs. Is it a reasonable goal to try to gain 5-10lbs of lean mass while cutting(and in ketosis)?

    Thanks in advance for any responses.


  2. check out for alot of your answers. Also Mr x has a great step by step ckd outline at his site Mr x is the man and his advice is second to none

  3. nice. Thanks bro. That's what I was looking for.

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