Multi question, Heavy compounds, Heavy bag cardio

  1. Multi question, Heavy compounds, Heavy bag cardio

    during a cut, should I stay away from heavy compound lifts, deadlifts, overhead press..heavy squats, thought bout switching to 20 rep squats, and one handed dumbell deadlifts, I just feel as if these excercises just slap meat on me and drive my apetite nuts.

    Also, 30-45 minutes of cardio on the bag, Too catabolic while on a cut? Figure it might mimic that of the HIT principle if you did it in rounds..

  2. Def keep the compound lifts. They will burn more calories. Whatever u do u r going to have to fight the urge to stuff ur face.

    Not too sure about the heavy bag but shouldnt be too bad for u. Plus good stress relief about being pissed at not being able to eat as much.

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