For the past 4 months ive been bulking up and eating alot of calories and carbs and could get through my workout with no problem and lifted 5 days a week (Monday-Friday). Now im going through a cutting cycle so im not eating as much and get tired easier. Anyway my question is will I keep most of my gains from the bulking if I cut back lifting from every day to instead every other day? I also will be doing cardio every day of the week. Did anyone ever try this and have good results?

  2. Well as far as the muscle goes. im pretty sure it wont just dissapear in a month. I mean it all depends on how much your cutting. Are you like doing maintenece or liek cutting calorie intake in half. Im pretty sure it also depends on how long you are cutting for. And as far as cardio everyday, im doing about 30 min everyday, and 2-3 times a week doing High Intensity interval training. Im not a scientist, just been follwing this forum for awile now religously. Im like a sponge I absord info. If I am wrong, burn me if you will, just trying to help.

  3. well im eating really clean right now my calorie intake is around 2000, carbs and sugar are only coming from fruits, my fats are coming from meats and natural peanut butter, and my protein intake is pretty high. Im just curious if i will loose alot of muscle during my cutting cycle if I change my lifting routine from lifting everyday to instead i will only lift every other day?

  4. I would have to say no. Maybe a a small amount but, not much. I remember reading an article about muscle turning to fat. And that doesnt happen and for your muscle to deteriorate to nothing isnt going to happen unless your shipwrecked on an island with no food sources.

  5. thanks man I appreciate ur help!

  6. Lifting every other day will not make you lose any more muscle than lifting every day, HOWEVER, you have to make the choice of a workout everyday or a workout every other day that is twice as long. The usual workout is mon-chest, tues-back, and so on, now I am assuming you are doing the old mon-chest and tri, tues- back bis, etc. So your workouts are now twice as long as they would be if you were doing it everyday.

  7. yeaa thats exactly how my workout schedual is set. Is it alright to take off every other day for a cutting cycle though? I will be doing cardio no matter what 6 days a week though.

  8. Yeah there is no problem with that as you are still hitting each bodypart once per week.

  9. yup my questions pretty much answered.Thanks guys apreciate it!


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