I am planning on starting a clenviscerate regimen (Also running albuterol at 8 mg per day) this week and read everything you guys have put up on the combo. I noticed you guys talk about using benadryl on off weeks for up-regulating beta receptors. I use antihistimines every night (Zyrtec 10 mg and Singulair 10 mg) because I'm allergic to just about everything. You think this will have any negative effect on my clenviscerate regimen? Is it just the specific antihistimine in Benadryl that affects Beta receptors? Also, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with toremefine or could point me to someone who does because i will be taking that as well to get rid of some stubborn gyno from my masstabs cycle in november . As far as the toremifene is concerned i was just wondering if that would interact detrimentally with the clenvisc and albuterol in any way and how i should dose it if the gyno is not too bad (Was thinking 60x60x30 (mg)). Any input would be appreciated, gotta love those second opinions!