Please critique my cutting diet!

  1. Please critique my cutting diet!

    Hi All,

    I am looking to start cutting for the summer. Please take a look at my diet below and let me know what should be adjusted.

    My stats are: 6'0" 213lbs probably about 18-19% bodyfat

    I would like to get to around 10-12% bodyfat, I could care less about weight, it is just a number to me. I usually just go by measurements and the mirror because I find the scale to be demotivating at times.

    I carry most of my fat, like most men, in the stomach and chest. My arms/legs are very lean, I know there is no spot reduction, but maybe this will help adjust my diet/supplement choice.

    ON Whey Protein
    Creatine Mono
    Orange Triad
    Animal Pump

    Thinking of adding one of the following supplement stacks (whats your opinion?)
    Oxy Elite Pro/Recreate
    OEP/Alpha T2
    Alpha T2/Lean Xtreme
    TT-3/Lean Xtreme

    Meal 1 6:30am
    4 egg whites
    1 whole egg
    Half Grapefruit
    Handful of almonds

    Meal 2 9:30am
    Protein Shake
    Handful of almonds
    Cup of green veggies

    Meal 3 12:00pm
    6-8oz of either Chicken, Tuna, or Sirloin
    Cup of green veggies
    Handful of almonds

    Meal 4 3:00pm
    Turkey sandwich
    Cup of green veggies

    Meal 5 7:00pm (PWO)
    Protein Shake

    Meal 6 7:45pm
    6-8oz of either Chicken, Tuna, or Sirloin
    Cup of green veggies
    Half Grapefruit

    Meal 7 10:00pm
    1 cup cottage cheese
    Handful of almonds

    This should come out around 260g protein, 100g carbs, 100g fat, and a total around 2200-2400cals.

    Please critique away guys! I need all I can get!

    I will post up my workout split after we do some diet critique.

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. My estimations were quite off, I just plugged all this into and I came up with the following macros!

    2994 cals
    115.5g fat
    160.4g carbs
    335.8g protein

    What meals should I trim the extra carbs and calories from?

  3. id say fat.
    ur proteins good and ur carbs r good. id personally stay away from dairy while cutting, the sugar isnt wanted.
    ive never done the grapefruit thing but ive heard its good.

    lower ur fat to about 40-50 grams. so cut out some almonds somewhere.

  4. I'm carrying out a cutting cycle at the moment and using a ECA stack along with other supps ( protein , multi vit, and cycle support). you need to take in approx 500 less calories than required for maintenance . My maintenance is approx 2600 but I'm cutting my intake to 1800 - 2000. Make sue u don't reduce the calories too low or your body will go into starvation mode and save the calories and fat and burn muscle . A good source of carbs in the morning helps get things going, but I'm sure u know this.

    just my two pence.

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