Post hockey game nutrition?

  1. Post hockey game nutrition?

    This dawned on me on my whey home tonight (10:30pm games are the suck). For my post WORKOUT shake, it's a scoop of gatorade and two scoops of All the Whey protein. That's my morning workout with weights.

    But two to three nights a week, I play in competitive men's leagues and work up a great sweat - it's my form of HIIT. But since the games are all at night, and I'm not incredibly familiar with post-cardio nutrition, what should I drink afterwards? I've been doing the same as my morning post-workout shake but I'm worried about the high GI gatorade powder right before this cause for alarm?

    Regardless, I'm sure anything will be better than the Molson and Bud heavies that are passed around the locker room...

  2. the mark of a true bodybuilder, when you start spelling "way" as "whey"

    quick many hours later do you go to bed after your post shakes. I'm asking this because i usually make it to bed around 3-4Am, and obviously this wouldn't effect me as much as someone who has a PW shake and plans to go to bed at midnight.

  3. Well the games are anywhere from 6-10:30ish, and on a normal night with no hockey I'll go to bed around 10. So obviously the later games, I'm coming home and going to bed within a half hour, but with the earlier games I have a bit of post-game downtime.

  4. Whey w/ Carbs on the way home, Get slower absorbing protein (cottage cheese for example) once you get home.
    Late night hockey is rough, lots of water man.

  5. Woo, thanks. I didn't want to have to sympathy bump my own thread, heh.

    Do you think I'm ok with the high GI carbs of gatorade powder post-game? That's my main concern really...

  6. yeah, your body is screaming for glucose.
    keep in mind, whey protein absorbs in 30-45mins. Maybe even quicker if in water. I could never fall asleep after hockey, the come down period would be at least 4-5hours.

  7. OK, makes sense. So one scoop of gatorade, two of whey on the way home. Then some casein protein before bed. Sounds good, thanks!

  8. Yeah if you put vanilla protein powder with orange/fruit punch gatorade - you have what you need there.

  9. are you guys canadian ? cus i moved from van bc to cal and there aint a rink within 86.5 miles from me...

  10. Nah, I'm in New Hampshire. Growing up there were two rinks in my city, and a few more within a half hour drive. Now there are four rinks in the city, one of them being a dual rink (so 5 total), and about six more within a half hour drive. Makes me wonder why ice time is twice the price it was when we used to rent it in high school, when there are twice as many rinks now...

  11. As mentioned, C+P after exercise


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