P 90 X

  1. P 90 X

    Anyone see these infomercials. Impressive as heck! LOL

    Anybody buy it?

  2. yeah...i bought it on Ebay. started last october thru december...lost muscle mass and overall strength...i looked skinny and deflated. went from 169 to 160. Wnt to the gym to do my usual routine in jan..and was weak as hell. I bulked up to 175 and added an extra inch to my arms by doing what i always did. P90x is good for weight loss...i havent been following their diet plan though...its alot of calories you'll need for some of the work outs...maybe if i ate more, i would have had better results.

  3. I own it as well and I think it's awesome if u dont eat right than yes u can go both up and down in weight...... If u do the program right with the right diet for what u r trying to achieve it will happen I started of with 97lb and got back up to 110lb and I started to see the cuts on my back my bi's and legs and even though I always had flat stomach now it's nice and hard

  4. I am doing p90x now, it's pretty awesome. I have not lost any wieght, but I am not trying to. I am trying to gain mass, so I am adding in some heavy lifting with it. You do have to eat for sure. I look alot better, getting rid of the extra flab, good pumps.
    Need to have a good assortment of dumbells, they get pretty expensive, so look around on craigslist and local ads.
    Also, I am following the diet, just eating more of it. I am 2/3 of the way through it.
    "You can do anything for 30 seconds"

  5. I'm a huge fan of p90x. I finished my last 90 days back in October, it's quite the high and I was simply amazed by the results. You really start noticing a difference 2-3 weeks in. Just started another 90 days 1 week ago. Both times I started with several buddies, and the best advice I can give is simply sticking it out and following EVERYTHING as closely as possible.

    Now, each time I've had buddies drop out... most often it's correlated to the first encounter with plyometrics kicking their asses. If you miss a day, don't get down on yourself and quit. If you get crazy busy/sore and need a day off, take a day off. But when the next day rolls around, jump back in and hit the ground running!

    Where the soreness is concerned, be sure to use either the recovery drinks p90x offers or go out and find your own. I find the program very effective and rewarding. Best of luck to you guys!

  6. I do P90X and I love it though I did see faster gains and increased strength when I did it WITH a few days of hitting the gym

  7. P90x won't get you on stage BUT it is an awesome general program for the masses. If you follow the videos exactly it's a tough workout program.

  8. As people have said its not going to get you in bodybuilding shape but its for normal people who are just looking to get in better shape stronger, more cut just for being healthy. Its a good program ive used it before it deffinately is hard if you push yourself but you really have to push yourself.


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