Ephedra Ephedrine Primatene question

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    So I was looking at ephedrine products, and I found primatene as a cheap source of ephedrine. Doesn't hurt that it helps with asthma, which I have. But I was wondering, its ephedrine, so its better than any of those other Ephedra extract diet products I see right? I mean, its the pure power of ephedrine, not the herbal extract, so I would guess that it would be more effective. But its cheaper, and so that makes me think "too good to be true?"

    Thoughts? Who has used it and knows?

  2. Yes in essence. In fact the common way to make the ECA stack these days is Primatene or Bronkaid tablets along with caffeine tablets and Aspirin.
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  3. Righto, thanks.

  4. You want HCL, or Sulfate, not that blended from tree bark mix of sh*t a lot of "diet pills" contain.
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  5. and that's what's in Primatene... ephedrine hydrochlorid
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  6. the primatene works great.

    I always used
    2x Primatene tabs each with 12.5mg Ephedrine HCL - 25mg total
    200-400mg Caffeine
    A baby Aspirin , aspirin isn't the best thing in the world so if I must use it I do so in small doses.
    (The bad news: Aspirin can cause side affects like nausea, internal bleeding or liver or kidney trouble. Aspirin can cause ear ringing. It can combine with viruses and cause a deadly problem call Reyes Syndrome that can hurt your liver.)

  7. Why do you need to use aspirin?

  8. It is supposed to prolong the effects of the stack and make it more potent. That's what I've always been told. But prolonged aspirin use is risky. It has the potential once you stop aspirin to increase your risk of heart attack. (long term meaning months/years)

    Personally I've done it with and without the aspirin and notice no real visible benefit to the aspirin. I guess it's just because it's known as the ECA stack people continue to use the A instead of adapting to new methods.

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