Beta-2 Receptors and Benadryll

  1. Beta-2 Receptors and Benadryll

    I've been on an ECY stack for about a month and a half. I saw great results at first, but I have become increasingly unresponsive to all stims (even pre-w/o). I was told that I could use Benadryll to reset my Beta-2 Receptors, but I am not sure how much to take and how long to take it.

    Any answers?????

  2. 2-4 a day before bed for a week or two

  3. Roger that, I have enough to do 3 a night for a week. Hope it works well because I have some Eviscerate waiting after the Ben!

  4. you know when it starts working because you will feel the punch from the e again. it'll be like when you first started it.

  5. 50mg a night for 1 week did the trick from me

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