Diet Soda and Keto

  1. Diet Soda and Keto

    Theres alot of debate on this and wanted some opinions or even facts if theres any out there.
    Is it ok to consume diet soda's(eg diet coke) while on keto?
    Will it kick you out of ketosis due to the artificial sweetners?
    Will it have no impact on ketosis at all?

  2. Diet soda is acceptable on the atkins diet. I don't know anything scientifically, but all the people doing no-day carb pre-contest diets eat splenda with their oatmeal in the morning if they can't shovel it down. Basically diet soda should just be a treat for yourself. Drink water, and research keeps telling me to not drink a lot while eating. I have been having diet pepsi and coke zero the past few days. I can't drink water 24/7. I only have a sip or two to feel refreshed, but I dropped significant weight in the past week. Most of it was water but that's still weight.

    I would just ponder what I've written and not actually go by it since I have no scientific data telling me that diet soda isn't keeping me fat. More googling shows you should try to keep it under 3 packets of splenda/sweetener a day. It's not as bad as some other things that mess with insulin levels, but I'd say try and cut back as much as possible. It's only a few weeks of dieting.

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