Losing that last bit of body fat

  1. Losing that last bit of body fat

    I have around 8% bf, and I'm trying to get that last bit gone to really look cut. The vast majority of my remaining fat is in my lower back and lower stomach. What's the best way to lose that last bit of weight? Is it all strategic dieting from here?

  2. Have you tried hiit cardio yet? Try it maybe 2-3x per week for a few weeks and you'll notice a difference

  3. Nah I haven't. Truth be told I didn't know much about it until you mentioned it and I looked it up. How many minutes a day should I shoot for? And any particular scheme recommended?

  4. HIIT running is effective:

    20-25 minutes total time.
    2 minutes warmup @ Jog speed e.g. 8km/h
    30 seconds @ fast speed e.g. 14km/h
    1 minute @ jog speed
    30 seconds @ fast speed
    Until you reach your goal time e.g 20 minutes
    2 minutes @ jog speed to cool down.

    Very effective in both increasing cardiovascular/aerobic fitness and burning fat. The calories burned during the activity may not be as high as say doing 60 minutes MISS cardio but your body will have an increased metabolic and fat burning rate for the rest of the day. 2 HIIT sessions a week on top of your normal training is very effective.

  5. Ok great. I had been stuck only working slow twitch muscles for about 8 weeks with an ankle injury (strictly low intensity elliptical) so I'm trying to get back into something more intense. Thanks for the tips guys!

  6. Good luck man


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