well right now i'm enjoying my cheat day (2 skinny cow ice cream sandwichs, 30 gummi bears, some sour watermelons candy tihngs that the gf bought me, animal crackers and 1 banana...so far).

but lets back up 6 days. over the course of the last 6 days my diet has been eggs, ground sirloin, chicken, evoo, natty pb, almonds, salad and whey protein of couse. i have followed Dave pulbo's CKD protocol to a "t".

now i have not weighted myself yet and am not going to because the mirror is more impotant to me vs. the scale and i'm also on a low dose of turinbol-lv by PP, i usually run low dose anabolic while dieting.

results as you can imagine have been little but i do appear to be a bit thinner.
it took my body two days to adjust to going keto. tuesday and weds. were the worst but thurs-sat. i had more energy than before i started the diet, which i read would happen and did. now tomorrow i start all over, this will continue for 4 weeks total at which time i will share my overall results.

keep in mind that i'm about 12 % bf right now due to being lazy over the winter and am looking to see results somewhere around 8 % or so. i am keeping in mind this might take more than 4weeks but i am going to chart my results then.....

i hope the thread will give good info for those who might want ot go keto someday.