albuterol causing muscle tightness?

  1. albuterol causing muscle tightness?

    I was able to obtain some albuterol 2.5mg .083% and have been using it. I like that it is a clean burn and is rather short acting. I down 2 or 3 vials every 4 hours or so depending on what I am doing.

    I tried it this way for all of this week and have started to notice muscle tightness. I'm not lifting while burning with the albuterol so that's not it. Is the albuterol causing this tightness or am I not stretching properly all of a sudden?

    The other problem is that I only have enough for about 2 more weeks. Am I allowed to ask what research company I can order more from?

  2. Products like albuterol and clen can make you very dehydrated, especially in your muscles. Drink plenty of water and get some taurine.

  3. ha. figures I didnt think about hydration! What does the taurine do?

  4. Taurine

    Trauma has a real good write up on it

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