keto ?'s

  1. keto ?'s

    so i'm on day two of a keto diet, my first one. i'm looking just ot drop bf% by a couple of points, nothing crazy here. i have a couple of questions about the 7th day. is it best to just have good carbs all day and maybe a cheat meal (last meal of the day) on that day too. or just have a cheat meal and that being the only carbs for that day?

  2. I've done both, not much of an answer I know lol. I guess it all depends on how badly you need the carbs, if that one cheat meal does it for you then I say let that be it. Sometimes I have gone two weeks before a carb-up and done the good carb/cheat meal way. I would have to say though that I prefer the one meal as it is too easy (for me) to get into the habit of wanting carbs all the time again and continuous carb meals would be too much for me on a standard day 7. Hope this helps somewhat.

  3. I'm the opposite to ticco. I eat whatever I want on day 7. It basically helps me in a couple ways:

    I have enough stored carbs to fuel heavy workouts.
    The psychological break from being so strict iduring the week is much needed, for me at least.

    But I suggest you try both and see what works for you. Like Ticco I've tried both and only having one cheat meal on day 7 just doesn't work for me over a longer period.

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