Buying oats

  1. Buying oats

    Does anybody know where I can get oats in volume via the net?

  2. only place I found was this bro...

    39 bucks for 50lbs of oats


    They have a few things that I'd look into if I actually cooked Like the long grain brown rice. I've ordered from here before. I got 25lbs of raw shelled sunflower seeds, I figured they'd be high in CLA . The quality is good, I've gone through more than half of it and I've encountered less shell pieces than in about 4 or 5 bags of roasted salted sunflower seeds bought at the store.

  4. whoa, but you're missing the real find in that site... 50lbs of marshmallow ghosts! lol, prices aren't bad since they include shipping. The basmati brown rice is esp cheap, kinda hard to find that in TX as well.



    Good quality products, you can go organic or not. $12 for 25lbs of oats.


    not sure what kind of oats you want, but they have rolled oats at a decent price....and other things like flax seeds etc.


  7. Quote Originally Posted by Phill

    Good quality products, you can go organic or not. $12 for 25lbs of oats.
    Bobs Red Mill is a good place. A local super market I go to carries this brand of foods in their health section. That's where I get my ground flaxseed for my shakes. Good prices.


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