this is not working, can you help

  1. this is not working, can you help

    i was told to go here by one of the guys in my fraternity. he says what he got outta this website was "gold" so i asked him if i could take a shot at it. i dont know if i need to post an intro or anything, but ive been having a little trouble losing weight. i come here for advice.

    height: 5'11
    weight: 173

    Am: 8oz v8, 2 egg whites, 2 pieces plain wholegrain toast, multivitamin

    snack1: tuna wrap, 8oz skim milk

    lunch: brown rice, chicken, mixed veggies, all plain and bland (no butter)

    snack2: muscle milk light, more chicken & rice

    dinner: canned veggies, fish, brown rice

    snack 3: 2 scoops musclemilk in 8oz skim milk

    day 1: pecs, triceps, delts, traps
    day 2: quads, hammies, calves
    day 3: abs, lower back, core, love handles
    day 4: biceps, triceps, shoulders, forearms
    day 5: (calisthenics) pushups, crunches, lunges, dips

    the only activity i get every day is one workout, and a 10 minute casual walk to class every day. I have been trying to build lean muscle and burn fat at the same time. I dont wanna be huge, just a nice cut up look, with the health benefits.

    am i on the right track here? Ive been at it for two weeks and have seen absolutely zero improvement. should i minimize carbs? any tips from the pros?

    dont worry about being too technical, i am pretty up to date on nutrition and can learn relatively quickly.

  2. ok lets start with a couple things. 5'11 or 6' ? cause the post says one thing, your profile another. Similarly weight, 173 or 178? Lastly, are you more trying to lose weight or lose fat while gaining muscle?

    Realistically, unless you are just starting to work out really gaining muscle while losing fat is a difficult and very slow process, and requires pretty minute attention to details. 2 weeks without noticeable improvement when you are trying to keep basically at or a hair above maintenance calories isn't entirely surprising.

    Overall your diet looks decent other than it being a little hard to tell quantity of items. Big difference in lunch for instance between a half cup of rice vs 2 cups, and a single chicken leg vs 2 breasts. But the overall general style of diet looks good. Don't feel like you have to be a slave to 6 meals a day either, or that going keto will make a difference. All those have really is mental effect rather than any scientific proof of results. Yes it may be slightly easier to control hunger when going low cal on either of those, but as far as maintaining or gaining muscle 3 meals vs 6 meals, or no carb vs with carb works pretty much the same.

    In a general sort of way your workout routine seems ok for what detail is in it, but there is such a huge possible variation there its hard to be sure. Are you doing 1 exercise per body part mentioned or 3? how many sets, how many reps, etc.

    If you want to start by losing a bit of weight/fat first and then working more on adding muscle after then luckily you have a good starting point in that if you've been eating this diet with the same activity level for 2 weeks and no scale change, then you are pretty much dead on at maintenance level. So just dropping snack #3 for instance should put you at a small but noticeable deficit calorically and have you slowly losing fat.

  3. i see how the things i left out are important. thanks for the advice, and below is the info i forgot, with a little change. the name, weird writing, and that retarded picture of ryan reynolds is from the a buddy who let me use his account on here. ill take a minute to figure how to erase all that and change the weight/height.

    Am: 8oz v8, 2 boiled egg whites, 2 pieces plain wholegrain toast, multivitamin

    snack1: tuna wrap (1can tuna), 8oz skim milk

    lunch: brown rice (1/4cup), chicken (1 baked breast), mixed veggies (1can), all plain and bland (no butter)

    snack2: muscle milk light (8oz), more chicken & rice (1/2 breast, 1/8cup rice)

    dinner: canned veggies (1can), fish (1 fillet), brown rice (1/4c)

    snack 3: 2 scoops musclemilk in 8oz skim milk (68g)

    day 1: pecs (flat and incline bench, 3 sets of 8), triceps(nosebreakers, 3 sets of 8), delts (shrugs, 3 sets of 8), traps (removed)

    day 2: quads (squats and leg extensions, 3/8), hammies (ham extensions and lunges 3/8), calves (calf raises 3/8)

    day 3: abs (crunches 4/50, leg lifts 4/25), lower back (deadlift 3/8), core (bows n toes and body leans 3/30seconds)

    day 4: biceps (preacher curl,close grip bar, wide grip bar, dumbbell (all3/8)), triceps (skull crushers 3/8), shoulders (shrugs 3/8, abc a-z*), forearms (curls 3/8)

    day 5: (calisthenics) pushups (3/20), crunches (2/50), lunges (2/25), dips (3/10)

    *abc a-z is holding a 25lb weight with both hands in front of you, arms straight, and writing the abc's with it. works for me really well. hits pecs, triceps, forearms, abs kinds, and back muscles.

    hope that made sense.

  4. Just gut feeling would be to drop the muscle milk light from snacks 2+3 and make snack 2 a full breast. you'd be lowering calories a little, and slightly upping solid protein. Maybe even drop the skim milk too on snack 3 and make it 1/2-1 cup of lowfat cottage cheese.

    Other than that, really in 2 weeks a 1lb body composition difference could have taken place and not be very noticeable. I'd give it more time as well.

  5. More protein the better it helps in fatloss. I'm not sure what your pre and post workout meals are but a whey shake post workout would be good with no carbs. This is due to the fact that the insulin spike hi GI carbs give causes your GH to reduce which is at a high rate after a workout. (correct me if I'm wrong anyone). I would say 7 egg whites instead of 2 what is 2 eggwhites going to do... not much you can still lose weight and eat food just keep it high protein on meal 2 or snack 1 I would use 2 cans of tuna which is what 240 cals but you get ~40 something grams of protein. Also cutting your milk consumption down would help. Pre bed eat cottage cheese high casein content so you don't suffer catabolism while sleeping. Using olive oil is another good suggestion to cook most of your food in has healthy fats etc. fish oil supp is another good one but mainly for overall health best of luck (oh yeah forget the muscle milk whey post W/O and pre cottage cheese or a casein shake pre bed)

  6. You need to add some good fats, looks like you are way too low.


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