Deployed Weight Loss

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  1. Deployed Weight Loss

    What's up everyone?

    I am currently deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and I am trying to shed some unwanted body fat and get some lean muscle back.

    The Goal:
    Lose approx. 35lbs in 4 months. 235-200 or 195

    The Supps:
    Nothing special, CLA, Caffeine, Yohimbine HCI, and a Multi

    The Food:
    Whatever is the leanest out of what we get from the chow hall, normally chicken breasts and some sort of vegetable. A small amount of fruit in the morning, yogurt during the first half of the day, and a Met-RX shake between meals (it's free over here)

    The Background:
    Used to be a serious health junkie, turned into a fatboy smoker, drinker, fast food addict. Went from about 7% BF at 212 to well over 19% BF at 235. I've been deployed for about a month so far and i have lost around 15 lbs. Right now i'm focusing on getting a good base of muscle before I start the real cardio. It's pretty tough to have a good diet over here and get enough rest but I am making due pretty well so far and I can only hope for the results to keep coming. I have about 20-25lbs left to reach my goal which seems very attainable. I am also recovering from multiple shoulder injuries so I have to take it easy on shoulder days and some chest exercises so I don't aggrivate them.

    The Workouts:
    Chest and Tri's
    3x12 60lb DB Inc
    3x12 65lb DB Press
    3x12 Body Weight Dips
    3x10 25lb DB Butterflies
    3x12 80lb Tri Pulldown
    3x12 20lb Reverse Tri Ext

    Back and Bi's
    30 Pullups/Chinups (as many sets as it takes to get 30)
    3x12 60lb Upright Rows
    3x12 50lb One Arm Bent Over DB rows
    3x12 120lb Seated Row
    3x12 35lb Back Extension
    3x12 120lb Bar Cable Curls
    3x12 75lb Hammer Curls

    Shoulders and Traps
    3x12 20lb One arm Cable Side Lateral raises
    3x12 50lb Lateral Bar Raises
    3x12 45lb Lateral Plate Raises
    3x12 140lb Seated Smith Machine Military Press
    3x12 155lb Shruggs

    3x12 400lb Leg Press
    3x12 25lb DB Lunges
    3x12 120lb Seated Leg Extension
    3x12 120lb Laying Leg Curls
    3x15 300lb Leg Press Calf Raises

    Every other Workout I do 4x10 25lb 24" Box jumps.

    I'm not too concerned with the cardio right now, still making minor modifications on the diet, but at the end of February I will incorporate cardio every other day on the days between workouts. Let me know what you guys think about it, but remember, I am deployed right now, resources are very limited. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I forgot to mention, I take LG Sciences E-911 pre-workout and I am also taking CEE. I have about a week and a half left on the CEE before a 3 week break.

  3. Looks good man!

    Ditch the CEE and go with plain monohydrate next time you buy creatine. You really can't go wrong with it.

    I know you got it in you bud! - I seem to remember you sent me an email and needed help with some stuff. I can't remember if I got back to you or not. Things have been so hectic recently.


  5. Good to see you cannon! Thanks for the support doods. I was planning on ditching the CEE around the tenth, the Mono wasn't an option at the time because it seriously dehydrates me and there was no real way for me to drink enough water for the Mono.

    That E-911 never came from that promo, but at least they didn't take my money. I finally ordered some of it and i have been using it for about three weeks now. If White Flood wasn't so expensive, I would be using it instead, Def more energy off of it vs. the E-911.

    I'll prolly get some measurements on here tomorrow. Today was a rest day. Tomorrow is Chest and Tri's

    Hope all is well.

  6. Shiesty workout this morning, I'm pretty sure that I need to start going to the gym after work. I had absolutely no energy this morning and E911 SUCKS A$$!!!!!! The White Flood i was taking at home is so much better and gives me a lot more energy and puts me in a better mood.

    Cons about E-911:
    Mint flavor=A piece of chalk that someone with a breath mint in their mouth spit on.
    "Sublinguality"=15 minutes of having holes burned into your gums and tongue
    Quick Disolving=Choking on a tab because you have limited time and the advertised few minutes to dissolve are gone
    Energy=I get more from a cup of decaf coffee

    All in all, don't buy this crap. I still like LG but no more E-911 for me. Even if it is free.

    Lesson learned, afternoon workouts and products I know work for me.


  7. Just got done with a pretty sweet leg day.
    I decided to change a few things up today:
    First, I went to the gym after working rather than as soon as I woke up.
    Second, I upped my carb intake by about 40g today for a total of around 85g per day (except reload days)
    Third, I popped an extra E-911
    Fourth, I decided to go heavy today. Felt like shocking the muscles and wanted to get tired.

    Anywho, I felt amazing in the gym, I started to develop a minor headache, but probably because I was lifting quite a bit heavier than normal. Nothing phenomenal or anything like that, but heavier for me. I did sets of five pull-ups between my exercises for a total of 35 pull ups. The goal is a set or two of 30 before I head back home.

    As for the added carbs, I felt hungry all day long, I found myself searching for snacks and random foods while at work and had to stop myself. Anywho, I didn't end up straying to far away from my "loose" low fat/carb diet. Pretty hard to eat healthy over here.

    I made an order today for some of Controlled Labs REDuction, White Flood, and also some Dicreatine Malate. I have read some really good reviews on the REDuction and it supposedly helps you sleep a lot better, something that i truly need! Anywho, where better to test a sleep aid than somewhere that has loud planes and mortars! HA! Anywho, I will try my best to review the REDuction on this log. I know that the White Flood is good stuff and so is the Dicreatine Malate. I just get too dehydrated and bloated with Monohydrate.

    Anywho, hope all is well out there in AM land. Let me know what's going on back in the real world!

  8. I did 4.5 overseas deployments (Navy) a few years ago, so I understand your situation and the challenges you face. Depending on how physically demanding your job is, you might want to look into the Millenium Sports Technologies product line. I think it's tailor made for military personel and their lifestyles. You can stack almost anything in the line, and a good baseline stack of Cordygen5, Ragnorok, and Cre02 will hit most of your needs at a reasonable price with minimum bloat and no cramping with limited water (my experience only). I once lost 25 pounds in a month painting a radio tower in Israel every day. Don't recommend it, sound like you have a good idea what you need to do, just stick to it and good luck.

  9. Thanks for the support my friend! I will definitely have to look into that product line and see if it's something that I can hook up once I run out of the stuff I just picked up.

    I had to take a rest day yesterday after my leg workout, went a lot heavier than normal, and I had some pretty crummy sleep. I'm hitting the gym after work today. Back and Bi's. I'm going for 40 pull-ups today though, I did 35 on my leg day so I'm pretty sure that I can Bump it up. The goal is 50 in a row, no stopping before I leave.

    Tomorrow is my last day on the CEE and supps for about a week. Got some pretty good supps lined up for when I am able to take them again, hopefully the REDuction AM/PM works out well, I have never had any issues with Controlled Labs products and I have heard some great reviews. I am hopeful that it will help me to get some good sleep as well as some great energy.

    Anyone ever stacked the REDuction with Ephedrine? Results? How unsafe is it really? After looking at the ingredients, I haven't really seen anything that would obviously react negatively. Let me know what you guys think.

    Have a good one!

  10. So, yesterday I felt like a had a skin ripping pump, first one in a long time, especially without any type of NO product. Glad I decided to go heavier this week, seeing as how I don't know how able I will be to work out for the next week and a half.

    Did Back and Bi's
    Started out with 35 Pull-ups
    One arm DB rows 3x8x65
    Upright Rows 3x10x80
    Seated Rows 3x10x130
    Back DB Fly 3x8x40
    Cable Curls 3x10x130
    Cable Hammer curls 3x8x90
    Reverse grip cablecurls 3x8x90
    Finished out with 10 more pull-ups

    Then, I slept went to work for a few hours came home and did Tri's (pretty weak heavy day)
    Incline DB Press 10x60, 10x70, 10x80
    Incline cable fly 3x10x35
    Flat smith bench (slow w/ 1 sec pause) 3x10x175
    Pec Fly Machine 3x8x95
    Tri Pulldown w/rope 2x10x130, 10x140
    Reverse Tri DB ext 2x10x30, 10x30

    Weighed in at a different time today after two meals 5 bottles of water and no bathroom breaks at 218 dressed, so I figure i'm somewhere in the neighborhood of 215.

    Yesterday was my last day of supps for about the next week and a half until my new order comes in. I am very excited about the REDuction, i'll be stacking it with a few other things, but i'll do a little log on this thread about the stack and hopefully all goes well. I'm out for now, but hope all is well out there in Muscle-land

  11. Had an awesome heavy shoulder workout yesterday, can hardly lift my arms in the air today! Doing pretty well without any supps, still have good energy and I'm actually lifting harder and more without them. Not getting a whole lot of sleep, schedule is really jacked up right now, but i'm managing.

    Two new notes: Weighed in at a solid 216 yesterday.
    Measured BF% with the free calipers approx 16%. Trying to get down to 10% at most, pretty sure i can make it happen. I'll be starting cardio in about a week, so the time to shred has almost come to fruition.

  12. What's your schedule like these days? - I know it was always getting messed up back at home. Probably making that mad skrilla out there, though!

    I had a pretty killer workout yesterday myself. Nice and sore. Going to get some new ink right after my cheat meal tonight. Giggidy!

  13. The schedule is still indeed jacked up my friend. About once a month it completely changes for about a week and a half, i get about 7 hours of sleep a day but it is split in half during that time. I still get some pretty awesome workouts in. Kinda like one-and-a-half-a-days i normally go right before i go to bed, then when i wake up the second time. Hard to explain, but my legs are like freaking JELL-O right now! I killed it on the leg press, and actually did some front squats, that's been over a year for me.

    I would love to try some of that stuff though man, if it does better than white flood, i might have to make a switch, and i love trying new products!


  14. hitting the gym in about 4 hours, chest and tri day.
    Did back and bi's yesterday, tried a new lift that had me feeling like a dead man!
    Starts with a straight leg deadlift to an upright row, back down to a bent over row, then back to the ground. Did each set to failure, 5 sets total. Then did some bent over DB row and finished out with some curls, i was pretty darn tired after that workout, went heavy again and it felt really good. Can't wait to get on a scale again and see if i lost any weight. Sleep schedule sucks right now so i'm staying pretty sore. Doing a lot of running around.

    Hope the chest and tri's in a little bit goes as well as yesterday, take it easy out there!!

  15. I just read the supps recommended to you by Blutarski. I'll back the Cre05 up for sure! That's a great creatine product. It's a little expensive, but it's more than just a creatine. Another capped creatine product I would recommend is Trinitine. - Honestly, though, I think you could do totally fine with the bulk creatine monohydrate powder. At $8 for a kilo, you can't go wrong.

    Just bought myself a 47" LG LCD, broskie! It's pretty pimp. Got one of those BluRay players that's set for Pandora/Netflix/Youtube/Blockbuster. Got the setup hooked up to my Bose wave radio. It's sweeeeeeet. . Now it's time to go spend a crapload on new furniture...

  16. Keep up the good work bro, that broken up sleep can make things real tough.

  17. I myself am back on track had a acl tear that set me back ...way back! I blew up to 275
    from 190 it didnt help that I have osteoarthritis in my ankle as well makes it hard to really get out there and run alot anddo tons of cardio ........ I have been hitting the weights real heavy and lost in 7 weeks 26 lbs. In the gym 5 to 6 days a week 2 hours a day calorie intake is around 2000 cal mainly lean proteins in the evenings with the most of my carbs by mid day I also eat six times a day. suppliments clenbuterxtaste like ass but it works! not too fond of the jack3d didnt really do anything for me

  18. Some tips:

    Drink a cup of coffee an hour before going to the gym.

    Check out the Armstrong Pull up program to get them where you want them to be. It worked for myself and 81 of my Marines.

    And check this out purely for the motivational factor:
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    Either run or smoke yourself (quarterdeck style) every morning. (500 leg raises, 200 pushups, 500 bicycle kicks, planks, mountain climbers, core work). Run 5 days: 3mi. - 5 mi. - 1 mi.x2 - sprints - whatever, will get you there with a quickness. Also try core work mixed in with like 30 min. cardio doing bag work, speed bag, shadow boxing (hooks, upper cuts and jabs), rope, and wind sprints to really get the metabolism moving, but you have to do them 'til your arms and legs are shaking to get the most out of them.

    Just some ideas to keep it fresh. Find someone else who wants to shed some fat and make it a competition.

  19. I guess the embed didn't fly. Youtube "hannibal for king" if you haven't see it. He does some sweet stuff on the pull up bar.

  20. hellz yeah guys, thanks for the tips and support, good luck in your weight loss endeavor as well provb28

    I just took a little trip so my schedule was all jacked up, workout, sleep, diet, everything. i am back in the swing of things now and i recieved my latest order of supps in.

    I got some White Flood, Dicreatine Malate, REDuction and some other stuff not really worth mentioning. I will start taking it all tomorrow when i wake up. Doing legs today after i get off so I must partake in the White Flood. I am still waiting to start cardio until the end of the month, not only do i want to shed a few more pounds to keep from re-injuring my foot, but i am still slowly losing the weight with just lifting and diet. I will bump up to cardio starting March 1 then i will have two whole months just to lose another 10 pounds, pretty sure i can make that happen.

    Just curious...some folks around here were talking about there any sort of recommended starting BF% before getting into something like that? any one used it? results?

    FYI, i am going to do my best to log the effects of the REDuction AM/PM for the entire month i am on it. Hopefully i will be posting great news every day!


  21. Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon View Post
    I just read the supps recommended to you by Blutarski. I'll back the Cre05 up for sure! That's a great creatine product. It's a little expensive, but it's more than just a creatine. Another capped creatine product I would recommend is Trinitine. - Honestly, though, I think you could do totally fine with the bulk creatine monohydrate powder. At $8 for a kilo, you can't go wrong.

    Just bought myself a 47" LG LCD, broskie! It's pretty pimp. Got one of those BluRay players that's set for Pandora/Netflix/Youtube/Blockbuster. Got the setup hooked up to my Bose wave radio. It's sweeeeeeet. . Now it's time to go spend a crapload on new furniture...
    dzzanfffffffgggg HOMEEEEESZZZZ!!!! schweet teevvvvsss set might have to visit!

  22. Clen, in my opinion, is just not worth the sides. - However, if you use it in a topical, it can work nicely. I wouldn't use a topical until yo hit about 10% BF though.

    The deal with Clen is you get all the jitters of a heavy stim, and absolutely no kick in energy. You sweat, but you're tired. Your head will most likely hurt. You'll get a stuffy nose most's just pretty crappy all around. Albuterol is a better option if you wanted to go that route.

    Keep in mind they're both pharmaceuticals. I doubt you'd be able to get a research chem sent to where you're at.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon View Post
    Clen, in my opinion, is just not worth the sides. - However, if you use it in a topical, it can work nicely. I wouldn't use a topical until yo hit about 10% BF though.

    The deal with Clen is you get all the jitters of a heavy stim, and absolutely no kick in energy. You sweat, but you're tired. Your head will most likely hurt. You'll get a stuffy nose most's just pretty crappy all around. Albuterol is a better option if you wanted to go that route.

    Keep in mind they're both pharmaceuticals. I doubt you'd be able to get a research chem sent to where you're at.
    yeah broski, the plan was around ten, if i can do it in the time that i have, hopefully i can. thanks for the info on the Clen, just a little curious cause there were some folks over here talking about it.

    So an update on everything,

    Decided not to start the REDuction today, i didn't sleep at all last night. at all. Went to the gym yesterday to do Legs, there were three times the amount of regulars in there and they seemed to all be doing legs, so after one set, i decided to adapt and over come and switch to back and bi's. Started out with my normal Pull/Chin ups, after about 50 split up, i went to get back on some appeared that everyone switched from legs to back and bi's. Didn't help that there was some dood using about 4 machines at once even though the gym was freaking packed. I gave up, changing my schedule once again to accomodate and hopefully after a good nights sleep i will able to get back into the zone when i wake up.

    anywho, i'll try again on legs in the morning.


  24. I got some great sleep last night!!! Decided to start doing fasted workouts in the morning and take 6 tabs of the White Flood, then 3g of Dicreatine Malate post workout. Went to the gym this morning when i woke up, did not really feel like a great workout, but i pushed out some decent sets considering i had already done part of my workout two days ago.

    Straight Bar Upright Rows 3x14x80
    Bent over straight bar rows 3x14x130
    Back extension rack with 45lb plate 3x15
    Seated DB Curls 3x14x35

    Not an awesome workout, but i woke up pretty late and i was sore from the other day and didnt really want to push it. The Flood hooked me up with some great energy and a pretty decent pump, i was getting into the shower and noticed my back in the mirror, and it was ridiculous considering such a light workout.

    Stepped on the scale and weighed in at 215 dressed with my shoes on, the weight continues to drop and still no cardio!!! I will be starting the cardio March 1 as promised HIIT on the treadmill and the row machine, should start to shed a little quicker when the cardio starts. I will do my lifting in the morning and cardio after work

    Now for the REDuction!
    I started tieh AM REDuction this morning. Some things to consider, I already took 6 tabs of White Flood and I am doing a REDuction/EY stack.

    Woke at "5AM" took Pre-WO then went to the gym fasted.
    "7AM" Took 25mg E, 2.5G Y, 2 AM REDuction, CLA, and Multi Vit
    "740AM" Low carb Breakfast of 2 hamburger patties and some chicken strips (really all we have) Feeling full and satisfied (might be the Y though)
    Now "9AM" Feeling pretty awesome! The RED had rasberry ketones in it and went down like a Flinstone Kids vitamin, now i am burping up some rasberry flavor (minor) but i like it. I do not feel stimmed out but i do have some great energy, my mind is focused, hands are steady, and my legs are bouncing as usual. I do not really feel like i will crash and Overall the energy is pretty balanced and feels great. Should have more later in the day!

  25. Feeling great still, like the AM REDuction is still fresh in my system 8hrs later. Havent had any serious hunger today but i do seem to be eating a little less, still getting enough in my system though.

    Can not wait to try the PM!

  26. hello there everyone,
    had a great leg day this morning, just about threw up again, so i guess it was a good one. That day the gym was packed, i did some exercises, so i cut some out today and went a little heavier than normal for my high rep days, so i cut back on some reps too.
    BB Front Squat 12x115, 9x165, 8x170
    Leg Press 3x12x570
    Seated Leg Ext 3x12x140
    Laying Leg Curl 3x12x125

    Took the PM REDuction last night and learned a valuable lesson, it says on the bottle take 30 minutes prior to going to sleep and they mean it! I took it and starting watching Dexter (the most awesome show ever!) after about 45 minutes i got a headache and started getting really tired. I was stupid and ended up watching 3 45 minute episodes. (DUMB!!!) When i did lay my head down though, i fell right to sleep and slept like a rock until my alarm went off. Felt well-rested, not too much energy, but i popped right out of bed and felt really awake and alert.

    Feeling really good after taking my AM dose with some E and Y and a multi. Breakfast was two chicken breasts a banana and a cup of yogurt, one bottle of water. Weighed in at 214 again. Ready for 210 so i can quit the tobacco. i know i need to quit already, but it's a little stressful and i'm good at making excuses not to quit.

    I finally procured some Benadryl to clean out my Beta-2 receptors. Does anyone know if i can take it while i am on the stims, or do i need to take a break before i get to far into the bottles of REDuction and other stuff???? I am willing to take a break on the fat burners now that i have just started, but i don't want to stop halfway through. Anywho i hope for some answers soon and i appreciate all help!!!

  27. I am using the clenbuterex which is way different from the clenbuterol .... clenbuterol is an asmatic anhibitor that raises your temperature to burn fat .... clenbuterx is a nasty ass tasting stimulant that works pretty well lots of energy and aggression for the gym.
    Good luck with your gains and Stay safe over there............. Thanks for all you do!

  28. Thanks for the support!

    Rest day...Legs are killing me, went super deep on those squats...
    PM REDuction was awesome last night, slept like a baby and woke up feeling awake and ready even after about 5 hours.

    Feeling well over all, no hugely noticeable results from the RED yet, but my body seems to be tightening up again which is nice. 200 HERE I COME!

  29. did shoulders today, arm popped out of socket, but it is feeling a lot better now that i have been moving around all day. weighed in at a solid 213! I hope this weight keeps falling off like this!
    Effects of the AM REDuction are less noticable, but i still have plenty of energy throughout the day, and i am still losing weight, even after only three days!!!
    Slept like a baby last night with the PM and i am still feeling well rested after averaging about 5-6 hrs of sleep per night.

    Hope to come in next time and report some more weight loss, maybe......210???

  30. Clen isn't a do all end all anyway. It only helps me when I'm doing 5 days of cardio and eating right regardless; and two 2-week cycles while cutting makes the difference between 11-13% opposed to 13-15% BF (from 20%). There are definitely sides too. Do the research and if you can handle REALLY high blood pressure, spasms, night sweats, insomnia everyday jitteryness and basically acting like a tweeker like it's cool, then go for it. It's a lot to handle though, I haven't even mentioned the dehydration, chapped lips, pissing like every 5 minutes. It gets old, but if you want to cut fat quick it certainly helps.


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