CKD weight loss log

  1. CKD weight loss log

    Hi everyone. I have done a number of logs on this forum. Mostly from a number of years ago when i was in significantly better shape.

    Starting in the fall i have been working out again after a long layoff followed by intermittent exercise and poor diet. I have increased from 215 to a starting weight (of the CKD) of 273. Was diagnosed around the same time with possible secondary hypogonadism. Currently on 1250iu of HCG per week as well as 10mg of nolvadex nightly to keep estrogenic effects minimized. My regimen may change depending on what my doctor thinks.

    Following the precepts of the Anabolic diet more than a typical CKD. Goal weight is 220 for now. When i get there i will re-assess. Halfway point is 245.

    Keeping the log to motivate me, keep me accountable, and encourage me when i feel like i have not done enough.

    Current supplementation

    Custom capsule configuration containing (per day split into 2 doses)
    coleus forskholi 250mg
    divanil 800mg
    IC3 700mg
    evodiamine 70mg
    hordenine 110mg
    green tea extract 200mg

    and whey protein post workout with no carbs

    Diet will consist likley of the following during the week

    "cheescake" with almond flour/flax seed crust, sweetened with splenda
    brat sausage (bbq)

    mid morning snack (if needed) of cheese or pepperoni

    Salad with either chicken or homeade gyro meat, olives, avocado, full fat ranch dresing, etc.

    afternoon snack: Peanuts/cashews (handfull)

    Steak, chicken, pork ribs, pork steak, etc
    with veggies and full fat dip

    Evening snack of sugar free jello and whip cream.

    Going for 1.5 day carb up starting after shinny hockey on friday at 1PM ending saturday night.

    Workout schedule
    20 mins fasted morning cardio, every morning

    Monday: Squash in the morning from 9-10am
    Tuesday: Legs, Chest, Triceps (squat, flat bench, overhead press)
    Wednesday: Squash, or HIIT.
    Thursday: Back, Shoulders, Biceps (deads, press, curls)
    Friday: 1 hour of shinny hockey

    weekend off

    Weigh ins occur wed/fri mornings.

    Carb ups are focusing on leaner carbs, but this one i just had was not the best. Will get cleaner in the future.
    Also, i am in university getting a bach of Ed. and this is my practicum, so my schedule may get crazy, so i will maintain exercise levels as much is possible.

    Thanks for following

    Beginning pics are already taken, will take comparative pics at halfway point.

  2. Played squash this morning for about an hour. Got a good sweat going.

    Ate a couple egg crust pizza's today, along with a donair salad and some nuts.
    Im not really finding it hard to stay away from carbs during the week because my cravings are pretty much nil, my blood sugar is stable, and im usual satisfied.

    Workout tommorow.

    Weighed 271 at gym today, still carrying water. Wednesday is the first day i do a morning weigh in.

  3. Geez weighed 273 this morning... just going to chalk it up to water weight.
    Official weigh in tommorow morning.

    Had a great workout this morning, put up 2 more sets of bench press at last weeks weight. Still having strong strength increases, which makes me happy!

    Also did 10 mins of HIIT after workout, just trying to maximize losing potential.

    Ate clean today, if a little low on the calories.
    Squash tommorow morning.

  4. Well i ended up gaining weight in a 3 and a half week period, and my wife was going crazy cause i was eating completely differently from her (and she is pregnant, a little sensitive) so i canned the CKD, and am just sticking with a 40-40-20 ish low GI carb diet. the usual.

  5. im 200mg green tea 2x a day? or 100 2x times a day?

    i buy that sh*t in bulk and take 1400mg with 50% being EGCG.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by soontobbeast View Post
    im 200mg green tea 2x a day? or 100 2x times a day?

    i buy that sh*t in bulk and take 1400mg with 50% being EGCG.
    200mg 2x a day. I actually upped it recently to x5 a day.
    As an update, my pregnant wife requested i get off the ckd so i can resume cooking normal food that does not make her gag...

    Switched to a 40/40/20, and will let this thread die...


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