clean diet?

  1. clean diet?

    what is a good clean fat losse diet if u have any good ones please post!!!

  2. man that all applies to whatever you are going for and where you are at in life. Good place to start is 2000-2500 calories. 40/40/20 protein carbs fat. Write it all down and know what you are taking in. to use 500 cal more than consumed a day to lose a pound a week. I am currently eating low carb, 50g or less a day. Had really good results, 12 pounds in about 3.5 weeks. Try to time when i take in carbs to control insulin spikes. what are your stats, weight height bf%. How often do you train, what type of training? if you read up on Rosie's weight loss tips(do a search) she outlines it all and when you see her you will see she knows what she is talking about

  3. Quote Originally Posted by maddog28 View Post
    what is a good clean fat losse diet if u have any good ones please post!!!
    When it comes to nutrition for fat loss, it's all about finding what works for YOU, so don't be too concerned about what anyone else does.

    A good place to start, though, is to review The 3 Keys to Fat Loss; it includes information on nutrition.

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  4. ok you dont need to search, she left you the link

  5. Morning oatmeal with fruit in it and a protein shake

    Preworkout snack Light fruit/nuts

    Lunch you should include your veggies and lean meats ie chicken and potatoes and rice

    Dinner lean meats and veggies are key the more color the more healthy it is for you

    Bedtime protein shake

    Remember its all about colors and lean meats and a cardinal rule I have stuck by to keep my diet clean is NO SUGAR DRINKS soda lemonade and all that bullsh!t even gatorade contains a lot of high fructose corn syrup which converts to fat pretty quickly so stick with the water and milk

    Hope this helps as an outline



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