trying CKD .. how does my diet look?

  1. trying CKD .. how does my diet look?

    meal 1
    4 eggs + 5 slices of turkey bacon

    meal 2
    1 can salmon + 2table spoons flax

    meal 3

    4 eggs + 2 tablespoon flax oil

    meal 4
    1 chicken breast + 2 tbl flax oil

    meal 5
    1 can salmon + 1 tblspoon flax

    meal 6
    1 chicken breast

    cals - 2689
    fat - 195
    carbs 6
    protein 220

  2. Need some greens in there.. lettuce, spinach, etc.. other than that looks okay
    Need wt to check the number of calories

  3. well the numbers are from fitday and ive heard they are a bit off... so ill double check.

    but as for greens... wouldnt that be to much carbs?

  4. Greens are free carbs.

    You can eat them to your heart content and they will not count towards a hard carb total.


  5. its mostly fiber and on a CKD you are allowed up to 30G of carbs. you will still stay in ketosis with under 30G of carbs. If you take r-ala you can get away with 50G probably. you have to play around and see what works for you. When i did my CKD last time around - i did not take in any "carbs" except for vegetables. it was basically P\F every meal with some salad or some broccoli and\or spinach.

  6. sweet.. veggies will make the diet far easier to deal with

  7. It will help you in the bathroom dept too

  8. It doens't matter whether you stay in ketosis or not, the amount fat you actually oxidize will be the same. You could actually go up to 100g without any problem but then your fat intake would have to drop drastically. You should probably......

    ah, forget it. I'm just going to confuse you. Add the veggies and you should be fine if your looking for a traditional CKD.
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  9. I agree with Bobo, up to 100g of carbs and you will be fine. The more reading I do the more I think that ketosis is way over rated. It's the low carbs that really give you the effect you want. Also you could use some MCT's or DAG oil's in place of some flax, They are both great oils that really help with a low carb diet.

  10. DAG oil's?

  11. Here is some info on DAG and MCT oil's posted by Par Deus on Lyles site.

    Lowers plasma TG and bodyfat vs. Tryglycerides [12544658, 12450887]
    Reduces weight gain and VAT gain w/ overfeeding vs. TG V only 10g/day, in man [10736331]
    Reduces hepatic lipogenic and increases increase lipolytic enzymes vs TG V resembles PPAR-alpha activation [9059234]
    Enhanced intestinal lipid metabolism, less bodyfat accumulation [12177175]
    Lower postprandial hepatic nutrient output [11194533]

    Medium Chain TG
    Increases lipogenesis and raises TG in plasma [7562078]
    Nonetheless, suppresses bodyfat accumulation, with as little as 1.7g/day [11694608, 12810404, 7072620]
    Lowers cholesterol [12810404]
    Increased oxidation/energy expenditure [7072620, 12532160]
    Oxidation not inhibited in obese [9537605]

  12. hi spoof. from OT also. just started ckd too, so let us know how your diet comes along.

  13. well.. I am taking clen as well so my results will differ a bit.. but ill keep ya posted


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