Protein etc. during the day Advice Please

  1. Protein etc. during the day Advice Please

    I intend to use this micellean whey protein MRP product during the day to make sure I'm getting enough protein to grow.
    However, it has far more protein per serving than carbs and I think it appropriate to supplement each serving with some extra carbs. Should I just chow on a banana when I gulp down one of these MRPs? If not, what would Y'all recommend?

    Thanks much.

  2. You could mix a serving of oatmeal with it, blend it and that would up the amount of carbs with good lower GI carbs.   One thought

  3. Oatmeal. Crush it up in a blender and mix it like powder. Its really good....banana's are fructose which is a simple sugar so eat those in moderation. Oatmeal is your best bet, add some flax to that and thats a kick ass MR.

  4. Kewl, thanks.

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