how much fat does a grill reduce by?

  1. how much fat does a grill reduce by?

    I eat a lot of ground beef, (I get it free, my dad butchers cows) and I cook it in one of those pasta pots with the holes in the lids, and then drain all the fat off when finished cooking, or I grill it on my hamilton beach grill and grill all the fat off. My question is that the only food values I get are for baked or broiled beef, but nothing that would tell me how much fat a 100g serving of beef that I cook would yeild. Does anybody know by how many % the fat is reduced by my method of cooking?

  2. That's a good qustion. I also cook my beef by some means of draining the fat. I get the leanest beef I can too, and if I'm draining the beef in a culinder(sp?) I even go as far as rinsing it with warm water.

  3. Yeah, I don't think there would be anyway to find out but to guess. I used to do that too, but now if eating meat I try to buy the leanest cuts possible and use the values for broiled, etc.

    Maybe do a search for RDA and then see if they specify any basic guidelines for grilling, etc?

    I know that when I used a George Foreman Grill, the meat was so dry from the lack of fat, that it just crumbled in my mouth. Maybe its me, but I didn't like it that way...You could definately tell that it was doin' its job though...

  4. yeah, but it sure makes it easier on the diet to cut all that extra saturated fat out. Is there any way we can know by how much this is reducing fat????

  5. If you really wanted to calculate how much fat is lost, you could try this:
    Use a foreman grill, it catches all the cooked off fat in that little tray. Then dump the grease on a scale & get the weight of the grease in grams. Now subtract that number from the fat content of broiled beef, then you have the fat content of the beef you just cooked. It would be a pain in the ass, but should work.

  6. I did some research on this a few months ago and could not find any definitive answers. The one generalization that seemed moderately well accepted is that the leaner the beef starts out, the leaner it will end up. That is, you lose a percentage of the fat, so if you start with less, the amount remaining will be smaller.


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