Weight Watchers or Medifast?

  1. Weight Watchers or Medifast?

    I am planning to start one of these weights loss diet plans, but can't decide which one to choose. I have done Weight Watchers before and lost some weight, but I have never tried Medifast. Wondering which one is better and why, or what other better weight loss plans are available?


  2. Why do either? Why not just come up with a healthy meal plan for yourself? You have all the resources you need right here on AM...and a good site to track your diet is livestrong.com

  3. medifast is very expensive and not worth it. My father inlaw did it and lost a ton of weight but it had him eating like 1300 calories a day. He is about 6 foot something and weighed 260+.. way too low calories IMO..

    your better off creating a healthy meal plan. Safer and cheaper
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  4. Weight watchers is a great nutritional program for anyone to follow.
    Eat vegetables and fruit.
    Drink lots of water.
    Get healthy fats in every day.

    That is seriously the basic plan and it works (shocking I know). If you're going to try it I would suggest actually going to meetings every week and keeping consistent with the weigh ins.

    You really could do all of this on your own, but everything is pretty well set up for you at Weight Watchers you just have to listen and follow the plan. If it works for you then you have the tools to eat right and be healthy the rest of your life.

  5. Why not try the nutrisystem diet ? Some of my co-workers do it and it looks to me like it is working out really well for them.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by TipTopShape View Post
    Why not try the nutrisystem diet ? Some of my co-workers do it and it looks to me like it is working out really well for them.
    nutrisystem may work but I have tried there food before I got from a friend and it would definitely make you lose weight cause one bite and I didnt want to each much more of it

  7. lol well there you go. There is no diet like the no food diet. I am just messing with ya. Just try to find something that works for you.

  8. yeah for real. Just take time to sit down and figure out a meal plan. Find your daily calorie need and go from there. I think the rule of thumb is you need to defecit 500 calorie a day from what you intake is a day to lose a pound a week. there is a website call dinnerplate.com(or something like that ) that my wife found really helpful. You put in your age and weight and a bunch of questions and your goals and it tells you a lot of stuff and portions. If you cant do it on your own you may look into weight watchers or a weightloss doctor or nutritionist to help you have some accountability. Dont run to a weightloss clininc though that is just gonna throw some phentremine at ya though. It really just has to be a complete life style change. First thing I did was cut out all soft drinks. Water is calorie free and needed to aid in weight loss. Crystal light is good if you need flavoring. Beware of a lot of juice because it is loaded with sugars and causes insulin spikes which cause trouble with losing weight. Dont eat after 7pm. If you absolutely have to keep it low carb and low fat. I drink a protein shake if needed. Avoid pretty much anything pre packaged. It may be convenient but that is why america has become a bunch of lards. Pre packaed stuff is filled with fats, preservatives and bunches of oils and crap your body doesnt need. I lost 25 lbs in 2 months by figuring out how many calories I needed a day, and ate and worked out accordingly. Did not need any pills or magic potions, just consistency. DOnt deprive your self to the point you hate life. I mean I could have lost that weight in half the time by tightening up my diet even more, but I also wanted to be able to eat like this day in and day out and not burn out. Good luck


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