Just wanted to give a heads up to the bros here about these wonderful products. If you've ever been a barista or worked as a bartender someplace people order a lot of girly drinks you've seen the regular, sugar loaded kind - these are different!

They have them at supermarkets in the coffee section but they're way expensive. Your best bet is to get them at a smart & final or whatever sort of place like that you have in your area. They're under $4 for 25.4oz, and they totally jazz up EVERYTHING even remotely sweet. If you are like me you eat a lot of dairy, grains and various other things... I add it to my cottage cheese, my oatmeal, my protein shakes, etc, to change **** up every day! I esp. like the vanilla, irish creme and cherry flavors (chocolate cherry whey shakes are to die for). It's sweetened with splenda too so you don't have to worry about that nasty aspartame taste - I hate that ****.

Damn, that sounded like a commercial, lol! Anyhow, they get two thumbs up, they've added a lot of variety to the staples I eat every damned day.