what do you guys do when you miss a meal?

  1. what do you guys do when you miss a meal?

    1. say oh well, i guess im just dumb

    2. stay up another 3 hours and eat it then

    3. double up on another meal

    Thanks in advance


  2. eat it as soon as I get the chance

  3. Say oh well. In the scope of things, one meal is not going to kill your goals. Think of it like this. Say you eat 6 a day over 7 days. Thats 42 meals and if you miss 1 then you ate 41/42, which is still ~98%. thats pretty darn good. I just wouldn't make it a habit of missing more than 1 or 2 a week.

  4. ^^^ agree with the above. I usually have most of my food prepared in advanced for the week and will take the food in a lunch box if i know im going to be out of the house for 3+ hrs. It doesn't hurt to keep a box of protein bars in your car or backpack when you're in a rush or constantly on the move. 1 meal a week should not hinder your progress.

  5. If I'm bulking double up. Cutting then oh well, I may add a cup of fat free cottage cheese to the next meal.

  6. simple answer.....if you want this bad enough you dont

  7. kick and scream, then fall on floor while bursting in tears......


    Me? Miss a meal. Not happening.

    I flippin love food.

  8. i definitely wouldnt cut my sleep. sleep is just as important as food for building muscle IMO.
    Back.... for real this time

  9. Missing a meal... Hmm, prolly cut out a chunk of my muscle, cook it up, and enjoy!

  10. Thats why it may be a smart idea to just keep some meal replacement bars around for those times you either dont have time or miss stash some in your car or office its better then nothing.


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