Protein on week off

  1. Protein on week off

    Should I keep my protein and cals the same as before while bulking even tho i am taking a week off after 14 weeks staight. Or should i cut back...will it benifit me or hurt me.

  2. It maight be a good idea to keep the protein at reasonable levels to offset any catabolism that you may encounter. I've been out of the gym now for nearly a month and a half, due to surgery, and I'm keeping my protein intake at around 1.5g/lb of LBM

    Good luck

  3. keep protein and cals up it will help you recover
    cut back only when you want to start losing some of the extra pounds you gained
  4. this sucks

    I have lost 7 pounds this week i think i mgiht kill myself.

  5. Keep your protein up so if you do drop weight it tend to not be lean muscle that is lost.

  6. AlexParty
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    why not keep protien and carbs up?

  7. def keep protein and cals up bro. you're body is looking to eat up anything possible now that you're off. make sure you adjust you training so that you're not putting your body in an even more catobolic state than it already is

  8. killing yourself is detrimental to training goals


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