on a journey for paper thin skin! :)

  1. on a journey for paper thin skin! :)

    current - 184lbs, 6'1 (body fat tester) 7.4%
    bulked up for about 2 months and put on way to much fat. time to shred it off. been doing cardio 5 days a week 30min. low intensity to try and not use the muscle tissue for fuel. i was wondering whatish bodyfat does one see their skin get noticebly thinner, and alot of forearm def as well. i ask this because i am trying to cut right now and at 7.4 bf i was expecting to see more def than what i am seeing as of now

  2. come on guys! i need some input on this!

  3. skin thinner?
    7.4% is low.. unless your tester is BS.. i personally see plenty of definition and get really vascular under9%.. everyone is different..

  4. hey drop the low intensety cardio and do high intensity interval instead. the low intensety cardio is bogus there are no fat burning zone

  5. if its one of the handheld electronic ones with the silver contact pads, the number is meaningless. calipers done by a pro are far closer. the electronic one is heavily affected by hydration and other issues

  6. I'm about 14% bf and my arms have plenty of definition and i can follow veins from my hands to my shoulders and sometimes upper chest. i firmly agree with james in that everyone is different

  7. If you were at 7.4% bodyfat your skin would be thin my friend, that is very ripped and most people carry way more fat then that, I would get calipers and test your body fat that way, and like mikkel said HIIT


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