What would you recommend to an ectomorph just starting out?

  1. What would you recommend to an ectomorph just starting out?

    I have a friend who's just starting and he's the definition of an ectomorph; would a weight gainer be a good idea for him or should he just eat lots and lots and lots of whole foods?

  2. I never warmed up to weight gainers since most are not much more than maltodextrin and protein and will tend to add fat IMHO. Adding some oatmeal to a "regular" protein shake would be much better. Of course, good quality, whole foods are the best course of action.

  3. Tell him to get a good blender. You can stuff all the real whole foods you want in there and you'll end up with a much better weight gainer than any brand out there.

    Milk, protein powder, light olive oil, fruit, cottage cheese, yogurt, oatmeal, microwaved eggs, etc. It can all be tossed in there. More calories, less filling.

  4. Quality fats are the easiest way to add calories but try to cut down on adding fats to high carbohydrate meals.
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  5. Yeah I tried to tell him that (not mixing carbs and fats), but I could tell he was already pretty overwhelmed with all the do's and don't's, so I thought it would be better to just get him used to eating in large quantities first.

  6. Lotsa food + 1-2 weight-gainer/protien shakes per day + proper training + rest = growth (for an ecto)

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  7. Well, especially if he gets a high-sugar weight gainer, I gotta emphasize what everyone else says about avoiding fats and carbs in excess in the same meal.

    The combo put a nice little gut on this ecto.


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